Photos from Trip to The Gateway Arch (St. Louis, Missouri), and Miscellaneous Photos (January 26, 2019)

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Cleaning the kitchen ...

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Another Bagster ready for pickup ...

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The Chick-fil-A in Allen Park is under construction and apparently close to opening.  I'm looking forward to that.

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Packing ...

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After visiting David W. in Portage, Michigan and Lynn H. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on the road to St. Louis ...

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Stopped at a gas station somewhere in Illinois (I think) that had quite a selection of wares in the restroom vending machine.  Choices, choices, choices LOL ...

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Stayed at a Motel 6 in Troy, Indiana ...

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Breakfast before visiting the arch.  As usual, I skimmed the New York Times.

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On the road to the arch (about 20 miles from the motel) ...

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The obligatory photo so I didn't forget where I parked the car ...

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Approaching the arch from the parking deck ...

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Bill H. asked for photos so he could see how big the base of the arch is.  Some nice tourists were kind enough to take these photos for me.

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Another photo that I took and likely sent to Bill to show the width of the base ...

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Photos of the arch before entering.  I took the photo of the weld (several feet from the ground) because it dawned on me that the weld is likely just a few months younger than me (it was likely done in late 1963).

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Entering the arch ...

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An exhibit of one of the tram cars.  However, I did not realize until actually in a car how small they are.

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Below the arch they had a museum.  It was colorful and interesting.

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Entering and riding the tram ...

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I also have two videos of waiting for the tram and one video of riding the tram up.  All three have been uploaded to YouTube.  It works better to watch the YouTube video than to try to get the raw video from this server.  (Raw video of Waiting for the Tram #1, YouTube upload of Waiting for the Tram #1, Raw video of Waiting for the Tram #2, YouTube upload of Waiting for the Tram #2, Raw video of Riding the Tram, YouTube upload of Riding the Tram.)

The view from the top of the arch.  In a couple of the photos, you can see Casino Queen, where I later gambled.

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I also had one of the standard souvenir photos taken.  It was a photo taken against a colored background and they replaced the background with the arch.

20191226_arch_6965.jpg (1,679,370 bytes)

Casino Queen, where I gambled.  The Blackjack game was very fair (3:2 payout, dealer hits soft 17's) with a $10 table minimum.  I won $145 at Blackjack and $5 at video poker—that helped fund the trip.

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