Photos from Trip to Chicago, and Other Miscellaneous Photos (September 16, 2018)

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On approximately September 14-16, I went with Brittany and James to Chicago.  I don't remember all the details, but I believe that Brittany flew in from Orlando on September 14, and the three of us spent two nights in Chicago and we dropped Brittany off in Litchfield on September 16.

The planning began earlier.  My cat Tiger (female) was very willing to help.

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Brittany had also prepared a list of things to see in Chicago.  I believe I photographed this list later, when we were in Chicago.

received_261821391336599.jpeg (153,135 bytes)

Brittany is a big Al Capone history buff, so we went to see Al Capone's grave.

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I also have a video of Brittany and James at Al Capone's grave.

We rode the El-train ...

img_20180915_140719688.jpg (4,491,987 bytes) img_20180915_140719689.jpg (4,512,711 bytes)

... took a quick peek at The Wacker Tower ...

img_20180915_143802436.jpg (4,056,371 bytes) img_20180915_143804535.jpg (4,143,740 bytes) img_20180915_143807326.jpg (4,187,682 bytes)

From downtown Chicago, I have a video of some sort of labor protest at the Marriott hotel.

We proceeded to Al Capone's house ...

img_20180915_165732807.jpg (4,877,872 bytes) img_20180915_165752696.jpg (4,386,368 bytes) img_20180915_165807337.jpg (5,778,341 bytes) img_20180915_165808761.jpg (5,786,495 bytes) img_20180915_165921959.jpg (4,894,786 bytes) img_20180915_165927808.jpg (5,074,413 bytes)

This is Brittany and James eating something very fattening—I don't remember what, or why Brittany was giggling.

img_20180915_181538171.jpg (4,091,338 bytes) img_20180915_181541290.jpg (3,663,410 bytes) img_20180915_182402923.jpg (3,696,023 bytes)

... and back on the El-train ...

img_20180915_190614877.jpg (4,370,284 bytes) img_20180915_190616661.jpg (4,229,357 bytes) img_20180915_192738523.jpg (3,868,280 bytes)

James and Brittany asleep ...

img_20180916_074351835.jpg (4,139,471 bytes) img_20180916_074359529.jpg (4,279,877 bytes)

Breakfast on the morning of the 16th ...

img_20180916_100007541.jpg (4,503,103 bytes) img_20180916_100012681.jpg (4,195,733 bytes)

Brittany driving us to our next destination ...

img_20180916_120550345.jpg (3,688,279 bytes) img_20180916_120556039.jpg (4,222,382 bytes)

I believe (from memory) that our next destination was the site of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre ...

img_20180916_125359418.jpg (7,020,066 bytes) img_20180916_125402759.jpg (6,989,106 bytes)

They had rental bicycles in Chicago.  Overall, the system worked well.  The bicycles were in good repair, and there were enough rental stations that we never had to walk more than a few blocks after returning bicycles.

img_20180916_135002238.jpg (5,447,567 bytes) img_20180916_135006997.jpg (4,856,041 bytes) img_20180916_135011680.jpg (4,260,176 bytes) img_20180916_135030957.jpg (5,049,855 bytes)

It ends up that Brittany, James, and I were quite the kamikaze bike riders.  I have two great videos (#1, #2) of us riding around Chicago on rental bicycles.

We visited The Wacker Tower ...

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The parking rates in downtown Chicago were outrageous.  The placard below shows that 1 hour and 21 minutes is worth $48 in the deck shown.

img_20180916_154155610.jpg (3,835,414 bytes) img_20180916_154224656.jpg (4,652,749 bytes)

In downtown Chicago, there was a gentleman running a very polite panhandling operation.  He had good luck with members of the armed forces.  I forget exactly what he did or said, but I was impressed with his technique.  I recall that I may have given him $20.

img_20180916_155810668.jpg (4,701,986 bytes) img_20180916_155816085.jpg (2,671,784 bytes) img_20180916_155820119.jpg (4,211,825 bytes) img_20180916_155824322.jpg (2,971,044 bytes)

Before our trip back to Litchfield/Homer, we had lunch at a pizzeria.  They had some very interesting beers at premium prices.

img_20180916_173133912.jpg (3,983,263 bytes) img_20180916_173138018.jpg (3,774,117 bytes) img_20180916_173150634.jpg (3,919,906 bytes) img_20180916_173154731.jpg (3,491,927 bytes) img_20180916_173157672.jpg (4,423,461 bytes) img_20180916_173201171.jpg (4,460,796 bytes) img_20180916_173202656.jpg (4,697,506 bytes) img_20180916_183217813.jpg (4,663,219 bytes) img_20180916_183221568.jpg (4,320,863 bytes)

Photos from the trip back.  Photos of James sleeping in the back and the GPS.

img_20180916_195909372.jpg (3,254,926 bytes) img_20180916_195915780.jpg (3,444,965 bytes) img_20180916_202423007.jpg (3,077,569 bytes)

The photos below are miscellaneous photos unloaded from my phone or camera.  They are not part of the trip to Chicago.

Apparently on August 3, I went with Trista and Kiersten to pick up a pizza in Homer, and I helped them to fill out some sort of a sweepstakes entry.  Also, for some reason, I have pictures of Trista painting her nails.

img_20180330_201650092.jpg (3,777,798 bytes) img_20180330_201722255.jpg (3,770,888 bytes) img_20180330_201737548.jpg (3,883,763 bytes) img_20180330_225455929.jpg (4,663,755 bytes) img_20180330_225501103.jpg (4,558,662 bytes)

I also have a great video of James playing with Mia at Erin's place.

Sweetie sleeping, Sweetie on my lap, Sweetie inspecting my carry-out food, etc. ...

img_20180319_221759299.jpg (5,525,239 bytes) img_20180319_221807449.jpg (4,374,332 bytes) img_20180320_212152317.jpg (5,900,282 bytes) img_20180326_204734744.jpg (1,173,498 bytes) img_20180326_204736860.jpg (1,217,254 bytes) img_20180326_204739158.jpg (1,234,428 bytes) img_20180327_201314685.jpg (4,100,741 bytes) img_20180327_201317864.jpg (3,797,968 bytes) img_20180327_201323045.jpg (3,875,932 bytes) img_20180327_201349380.jpg (4,278,340 bytes) img_20180327_201352881.jpg (4,042,373 bytes) img_20180415_220236982.jpg (4,704,462 bytes) img_20180418_010451350.jpg (4,798,979 bytes) img_20180715_013144548.jpg (5,408,427 bytes) img_20180715_013154302.jpg (6,192,629 bytes) img_20180720_192333235.jpg (1,266,736 bytes) img_20180720_192336179.jpg (1,278,713 bytes) img_20180720_192338838.jpg (1,438,841 bytes) img_20180721_100737918.jpg (3,533,270 bytes) img_20180721_100745913.jpg (3,513,327 bytes) img_20180731_001528856.jpg (4,951,312 bytes) img_20180731_001539210.jpg (4,128,264 bytes) img_20180731_001543415.jpg (4,234,045 bytes) img_20180731_001548382.jpg (3,817,391 bytes) img_20180818_190220298.jpg (6,509,821 bytes)

I also have a great video of Sweetie playing with me, another great video of Sweetie playing with me, a great video of Sweetie playing with her favorite toy, and a video of Sweetie on the front porch.

Tiger playing in the dirt.  It amazes me that cats are overall clean animals, but they sometimes love to roll in dirt.  And, Tiger doing various other things ...

img_20180324_141043286.jpg (7,200,079 bytes) img_20180324_141112686.jpg (6,837,559 bytes) img_20180324_141114564.jpg (7,241,376 bytes) img_20180329_235726707.jpg (4,027,941 bytes) img_20180415_220245772.jpg (4,492,323 bytes) img_20180626_205847460.jpg (5,242,065 bytes) img_20180626_205851800.jpg (5,075,583 bytes) img_20180626_205900941.jpg (6,257,178 bytes) img_20180626_205903856.jpg (5,211,984 bytes) img_20180708_113136775.jpg (4,762,075 bytes) img_20180708_113145351.jpg (5,443,159 bytes) img_20180812_050928000.jpg (4,413,536 bytes) img_20180821_001927450.jpg (4,045,647 bytes) img_20180821_001934600.jpg (3,603,730 bytes) img_20180821_001940209.jpg (4,105,413 bytes)

Phoebe ...

img_20180328_210101688.jpg (4,404,400 bytes) img_20180328_205503696.jpg (4,320,135 bytes) img_20180329_235733835.jpg (3,723,113 bytes) img_20180413_185547634.jpg (5,433,807 bytes) img_20180415_220222335.jpg (4,431,896 bytes) img_20180415_220225346.jpg (5,560,826 bytes)

I have a great video of Tiger and Phoebe reclining on my bed apparently watching TV.

This is a cat who lives in the neighborhood, in the neighbor's yard ...

img_20180410_200837488.jpg (5,214,486 bytes) img_20180410_200840779.jpg (6,046,872 bytes)

Me reading a Kindle and using a computer at the local Biggby (not on the same date).  I greatly enjoyed Watson's book The Double Helix.  I liked my old Lenovo T420 better than any modern laptop.

img_20180325_122049632.jpg (4,993,889 bytes) img_20180729_130159100.jpg (3,887,681 bytes)

Heath at Vector North America ...

img_20180320_113423693.jpg (3,935,520 bytes)

A humorous T-shirt worn by a gentleman (Mark?) at Vector North America ...

img_20180323_144625248.jpg (3,975,294 bytes)

Photos of my sunflower debacle.  I tried to get an early start by sprouting the sunflowers indoors.  Those eventually died and I had to plant seeds outdoors.  I found out that when sunflower seeds sprout with inadequate indoor light, they grow into forms that don't right themselves, even when moved outdoors.  Also, I had a squirrel break one of my sunflowers outdoors, and I did a wonderful splint and pruning seal job that surprisingly allowed the plant to survive to maturity and produce seeds.

img_20180324_235614143.jpg (5,995,210 bytes) img_20180325_001128995.jpg (5,555,687 bytes) img_20180325_001443017.jpg (4,952,890 bytes) img_20180325_002112312.jpg (5,177,145 bytes) img_20180325_155321129.jpg (10,300,864 bytes) img_20180325_155326918.jpg (10,174,609 bytes) img_20180328_210754169.jpg (5,438,090 bytes) img_20180328_210759430.jpg (3,751,254 bytes) img_20180329_234953056.jpg (6,819,928 bytes) img_20180329_235032505.jpg (6,273,539 bytes) img_20180331_165031948.jpg (6,855,698 bytes) img_20180401_233027118.jpg (5,957,452 bytes) img_20180401_233034862.jpg (6,536,246 bytes) img_20180401_233040224.jpg (4,259,352 bytes) img_20180404_225228561.jpg (4,807,548 bytes) img_20180404_225244199.jpg (5,260,142 bytes) img_20180406_223622014.jpg (6,301,579 bytes) img_20180406_223629302.jpg (4,448,920 bytes) img_20180406_223637803.jpg (5,411,972 bytes) img_20180407_164441868.jpg (8,994,662 bytes) img_20180407_164445725.jpg (8,656,142 bytes) img_20180410_200821790.jpg (5,939,913 bytes) img_20180410_200825587.jpg (5,772,047 bytes) img_20180410_200825588.jpg (5,368,137 bytes) img_20180623_173531102.jpg (8,465,737 bytes) img_20180623_173536044.jpg (5,634,321 bytes) img_20180623_173544997.jpg (7,925,074 bytes) img_20180626_092645683.jpg (9,316,366 bytes) img_20180626_092654942.jpg (7,626,990 bytes) img_20180626_092705374.jpg (8,593,179 bytes) img_20180626_092709861.jpg (8,877,060 bytes) img_20180701_151725416.jpg (5,747,730 bytes) img_20180701_151730328.jpg (9,629,305 bytes) img_20180701_151753495.jpg (6,023,137 bytes) img_20180715_141828367.jpg (6,653,086 bytes) img_20180715_141831421.jpg (6,560,685 bytes) img_20180715_142032439.jpg (8,572,043 bytes) img_20180720_091341045.jpg (7,004,514 bytes) img_20180720_091348790.jpg (6,673,630 bytes) img_20180720_091352081.jpg (6,496,738 bytes) img_20180720_091357810.jpg (6,170,497 bytes) img_20180721_195437097.jpg (7,422,217 bytes) img_20180721_195541995.jpg (7,001,727 bytes) img_20180721_195552505.jpg (4,052,668 bytes) img_20180721_195604234.jpg (6,014,070 bytes) img_20180721_202022299.jpg (4,414,709 bytes) img_20180726_000318468.jpg (3,610,975 bytes) img_20180801_084649611.jpg (4,926,711 bytes) img_20180801_084657169.jpg (5,635,280 bytes) img_20180801_084700109.jpg (5,576,055 bytes) img_20180801_084708937.jpg (5,771,548 bytes) img_20180801_084715067.jpg (6,688,510 bytes) img_20180801_202504315.jpg (4,704,303 bytes) img_20180801_202508858.jpg (5,900,175 bytes) img_20180804_145431458.jpg (6,229,246 bytes) img_20180805_115522684.jpg (6,332,388 bytes) img_20180805_115525622.jpg (6,070,490 bytes) img_20180805_115534616.jpg (6,427,482 bytes) img_20180807_092439469.jpg (5,234,284 bytes) img_20180807_092450610.jpg (4,636,640 bytes) img_20180812_181223845.jpg (5,119,507 bytes) img_20180812_181231559.jpg (4,900,115 bytes) img_20180812_181237392.jpg (4,278,975 bytes) img_20180815_223657344.jpg (4,352,835 bytes) img_20180817_095410113.jpg (4,891,257 bytes) img_20180817_095423206.jpg (4,449,694 bytes) img_20180824_095351933.jpg (5,774,170 bytes) img_20180824_095357622.jpg (4,603,598 bytes)

At some point while driving in the downriver area (I think), I came across a Bill Knapp's.  I did not know there were any left.

img_20180413_192052068.jpg (3,992,355 bytes)

Bill, when we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Westland, apparently on June 30.  I suggested Texas Roadhouse because, at the time, I owned TXRH stock, and I wanted to actually visit one of the restaurants.

img_20180630_202653311.jpg (4,203,587 bytes)

These days, I often prefer older TV.  I am a Kojak fan.  I believe I bought one season on Amazon Prime Video and watched it.

img_20180728_212512207.jpg (3,007,361 bytes) img_20180728_212519482.jpg (3,425,118 bytes) img_20180728_212451964.jpg (3,568,977 bytes) img_20180728_212455225.jpg (3,060,498 bytes) img_20180728_212456897.jpg (3,800,634 bytes) img_20180728_212458250.jpg (3,610,059 bytes) img_20180728_212504572.jpg (4,001,440 bytes) img_20180728_212549825.jpg (3,238,486 bytes)

I had some darling magnets in my cubicle at Vector North America with photos of Trista, Bubby, Kiersten, Nevaeh, and Avarie ...

img_20180801_182115153.jpg (3,195,657 bytes) img_20180801_182121397.jpg (3,793,070 bytes)

This ad for training as a software developer was posted (I think) at the local Biggby.  As a software developer, I'd like to say that to be effective, a little bit more than evening training is recommended.

img_20180802_094817500.jpg (4,053,049 bytes)

In the back yard, I had some really ferocious weeds.  I refer to my lawn euphemistically as a "multi-species" lawn.

img_20180812_131022943.jpg (5,852,174 bytes) img_20180812_131030114.jpg (5,737,083 bytes) img_20180812_131032679.jpg (5,621,225 bytes)

I did find a car with an interesting collection of stickers.  I don't often see a sticker about tolerance on the same vehicle as a sticker about shooting sports.

img_20180825_153044415.jpg (3,797,198 bytes) img_20180825_153044416.jpg (209,846 bytes)

Interesting art about Michigan's upper peninsula ...

img_20180827_094639861.jpg (3,837,004 bytes)

A cute Mad Magazine cover. I recognize Cosby, Weinstein, and Trump, but I'm not sure who the gal is ...

img_20180827_215049985.jpg (4,095,577 bytes)

The power lines (5 kV?) roughly above my garage in the back yard keep losing insulation, and they have smoked from time to time.  It makes me nervous if I'm going to be out there power-washing and painting.  Not only might a line fall and make contact with me, but the lack of insulation makes the use of liquid spray risky.  I think I will need to take safety precautions when I power-wash and paint.

img_20180912_200327475.jpg (7,513,927 bytes) img_20180912_200333365.jpg (6,627,272 bytes)

Apparently from April 15, I also have a video of the flooding in my Allen Park neighborhood.

On August 31, I spotted a possum in the back yard (video #1, video #2).  This is very uncommon.

From September 8, I have a video of my trash being collected.

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