Photos from Trip to Washington D.C., Atlantic City, and New York City, and Miscellaneous Photos (June 22, 2018)

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Before the trip, there was some preparation.  First, I did work out (only once) in preparation for climbing the 354 steps up to the crown of The Statue of Liberty.

img_20180611_220848872.jpg (4,844,621 bytes)

A few weeks before the trip, I did replace the headlamps in the Hyundai (the headlamps were 160,000 miles old).  That was quite a job, and YouTube videos saved me.  It ends up that there is a hinged gate in each headlamp ...

img_20180526_143105517.jpg (3,603,389 bytes) img_20180526_143116922.jpg (3,989,470 bytes) img_20180526_143124618.jpg (4,184,663 bytes) img_20180526_143502015.jpg (3,276,773 bytes) img_20180526_143511956.jpg (5,377,436 bytes)

And I did check the car spare tire ...

img_20180604_132458487.jpg (4,108,941 bytes) img_20180604_132507622_hdr.jpg (3,894,514 bytes)

Before we left on the trip, I let Trista and Bubby try out my electric lawn mower and week wacker (video, about 500MB).

Entering Ohio ...

img_20180616_114644473.jpg (3,559,824 bytes) img_20180616_114646238.jpg (3,723,716 bytes) img_20180616_114647844.jpg (3,734,949 bytes)

A bridge I've never seen before; somewhere near Toledo, I think ...

img_20180616_115209320.jpg (3,747,266 bytes) img_20180616_115211008.jpg (3,757,533 bytes) img_20180616_115216661.jpg (4,009,540 bytes) img_20180616_115218206.jpg (3,964,026 bytes)

Bubby and Trista at a McDonald's somewhere en route ...

img_20180616_132116351.jpg (6,412,945 bytes) img_20180616_132118656.jpg (6,438,989 bytes)

Status on the GPS ...

img_20180616_140929330.jpg (4,856,275 bytes)

An impressive bridge that was about 50 feet above the freeway ...

img_20180616_142718511.jpg (3,354,357 bytes) img_20180616_142721102.jpg (3,340,601 bytes) img_20180616_142723411.jpg (3,332,453 bytes) img_20180616_142726299.jpg (3,402,521 bytes) img_20180616_142728334.jpg (3,409,259 bytes) img_20180616_142730171.jpg (3,529,682 bytes)

Entering Pennsylvania ...

img_20180616_151512385.jpg (4,367,219 bytes) img_20180616_151515015.jpg (4,962,452 bytes) img_20180616_151516514.jpg (4,679,321 bytes) img_20180616_151517711.jpg (4,764,117 bytes) img_20180616_151519048_burst000_cover_top.jpg (4,761,915 bytes) img_20180616_151519048_burst001.jpg (4,656,222 bytes)

A toll booth (one of many), and toll cash ...

img_20180616_151642106.jpg (4,256,546 bytes) img_20180616_151644773.jpg (4,282,717 bytes) img_20180616_151709495.jpg (4,914,911 bytes)

Trista and Bubby, riding in the car ...

img_20180616_151648926_burst000_cover_top.jpg (3,331,622 bytes) img_20180616_151648926_burst001.jpg (3,343,910 bytes) img_20180616_151653738.jpg (3,601,048 bytes)

Trista and Bubby at a restaurant, possibly The Olive Garden somewhere near Hagerstown, Maryland.  (We stayed in Hagerstown because affordable hotels in D.C. are hard to come by.)

img_20180616_201838125.jpg (3,318,943 bytes)

In the hotel in Hagerstown (I think) I have a video (about 12MB) of Trista bogarting the bathroom.

The main hangar floor of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia; with some photos showing Trista, Bubby, and Janet ...

img_20180617_115505990.jpg (4,219,576 bytes) img_20180617_115520675.jpg (4,101,245 bytes) img_20180617_115525173.jpg (4,579,604 bytes) img_20180617_120213038.jpg (4,183,775 bytes) img_20180617_120216868.jpg (4,120,104 bytes)

The SR-71.  I always wanted to see one.

img_20180617_120926804.jpg (4,249,534 bytes) img_20180617_120943593.jpg (3,921,463 bytes) img_20180617_120948570.jpg (4,067,347 bytes) img_20180617_121053757.jpg (4,199,662 bytes) img_20180617_121126347.jpg (4,362,068 bytes) img_20180617_121217090.jpg (4,531,844 bytes) img_20180617_121322300.jpg (3,897,875 bytes) img_20180617_121328676.jpg (4,140,546 bytes) img_20180617_121338989.jpg (3,747,151 bytes) img_20180617_121342513.jpg (3,973,052 bytes)

The decommissioned space shuttle Discovery.  Seeing this hardware (which has really been to space and back) was my favorite.  It was far larger than I expected—some real payload space in that thing.  While on the upper level of the hangar, there was also a view into the area where they do the restoration work to prepare exhibits.

img_20180617_121421403.jpg (4,634,442 bytes) img_20180617_121455135.jpg (5,179,072 bytes) img_20180617_121504127.jpg (4,952,755 bytes) img_20180617_121521098.jpg (4,575,557 bytes) img_20180617_121552247.jpg (4,975,589 bytes) img_20180617_121558849.jpg (5,483,154 bytes) img_20180617_121630808.jpg (4,860,851 bytes) img_20180617_121637808.jpg (4,659,327 bytes) img_20180617_121726237.jpg (4,348,457 bytes) img_20180617_121826125.jpg (5,053,325 bytes) img_20180617_121900368.jpg (5,639,721 bytes) img_20180617_121917203.jpg (4,758,321 bytes) img_20180617_121935197.jpg (4,451,045 bytes) img_20180617_121955470.jpg (4,309,875 bytes) img_20180617_122044577.jpg (4,199,321 bytes) img_20180617_122046561.jpg (4,177,305 bytes) img_20180617_122216908.jpg (4,786,286 bytes) img_20180617_122236214.jpg (4,057,994 bytes) img_20180617_122251945.jpg (3,937,363 bytes) img_20180617_122256998_burst000_cover_top.jpg (3,730,388 bytes) img_20180617_122256998_burst001.jpg (3,977,207 bytes) img_20180617_122300217.jpg (4,064,758 bytes) img_20180617_122329370.jpg (4,022,645 bytes) img_20180617_122420308.jpg (4,985,692 bytes)

The observation tower.  Since Dulles Airport was very close, many visitors were watching airplanes land and take off.

img_20180617_123937119.jpg (4,077,325 bytes) img_20180617_124000728.jpg (4,308,778 bytes)

Trista and Bubby posing by a movie exhibit.

img_20180617_124806442.jpg (5,272,734 bytes) img_20180617_124808376.jpg (4,714,841 bytes) img_20180617_124832772.jpg (4,597,498 bytes) img_20180617_124834208.jpg (4,765,382 bytes)

The "Wall of Honor" at the museum.  I assume that this wall was to acknowledge donors of money and time.

img_20180617_133922608.jpg (5,593,285 bytes) img_20180617_133930009.jpg (3,673,643 bytes) img_20180617_133942742.jpg (3,832,897 bytes) img_20180617_134103750.jpg (4,216,251 bytes)

They had a Cessna 150, and were having visitors manipulate the flight controls and watch the control surfaces move.  I'm sure it was very enjoyable, especially for kids.

img_20180617_134633721.jpg (3,938,103 bytes) img_20180617_134635431.jpg (3,819,290 bytes) img_20180617_134637541.jpg (3,959,125 bytes)

We rode something that they called "The Space Shuttle Simulator  or similar title.  Great fun for kids, and less fun for adults.  All four of us went on it together.

They also had some fun activities for kids at the museum (video, about 350MB).

img_20180617_134843211.jpg (4,372,548 bytes)

Photos of the four of us in front of The White House.  (Thanks to the tourist from North Carolina who took this for us.)

img_20180617_164442826.jpg (5,408,155 bytes) img_20180617_164445219.jpg (5,333,516 bytes)

A statue near The White House.  (I have no idea what this is or why I took the picture.)

img_20180617_164810481.jpg (6,918,802 bytes)

It became clear that some in Washington, D.C. do not support Mr. Trump ...

img_20180617_174157911.jpg (4,633,022 bytes) img_20180617_174203379.jpg (2,554,476 bytes) img_20180617_174205289.jpg (2,576,602 bytes) img_20180617_174207566.jpg (2,603,243 bytes) img_20180617_174212461.jpg (2,541,466 bytes)

We also saw the aftermath of a car accident (video, about 110MB) somewhere in or near Washington, D.C.

Entering Atlantic City ...

img_20180617_210935973.jpg (4,097,400 bytes) img_20180617_210946090_ll.jpg (4,070,999 bytes) img_20180617_210949681_ll.jpg (3,327,219 bytes) img_20180617_210954015_ll.jpg (4,159,075 bytes) img_20180617_211011379.jpg (4,849,700 bytes)

Unhealthy food purchased in the food court in the casino / hotel ...

img_20180617_225451622_ll.jpg (4,222,518 bytes) img_20180617_225457124_ll.jpg (4,107,457 bytes) img_20180617_225502206.jpg (3,823,020 bytes) img_20180618_105159821.jpg (3,990,334 bytes) img_20180618_105309153.jpg (3,994,936 bytes) img_20180618_105313849.jpg (3,853,825 bytes) img_20180618_105318319.jpg (3,766,598 bytes)

We ended up staying at The Tropicana.  There is a bit of a funny story there.  I had booked over the internet at The El Dorado Motor Inn.  There were criminal types hanging around the hotel, I was approached by a prostitute when walking from the car to the hotel office, and there was a roach in the room that went scurrying for cover when we entered.  This was enough to convince Janet and Trista that we could not stay there, so we found a room at The Tropicana.

The kids had just finished swimming in the indoor swimming pool of The Tropicana, and this is when (after asking the lifeguard where the ocean is) we looked out the window from the indoor swimming pool and realized how close the ocean was.

img_20180618_121924388.jpg (3,268,630 bytes) img_20180618_121926674.jpg (3,183,404 bytes) img_20180618_121931907.jpg (3,151,906 bytes)

Janet and the kids had a great time swimming in the ocean.  They had never done that before.

img_20180618_124257577.jpg (4,240,837 bytes) img_20180618_124302769.jpg (4,261,720 bytes) img_20180618_124305165.jpg (3,727,395 bytes) img_20180618_124307134_burst000_cover_top.jpg (3,987,035 bytes) img_20180618_124307134_burst001.jpg (3,734,224 bytes) img_20180618_124321066.jpg (4,047,979 bytes) img_20180618_124342597.jpg (4,271,310 bytes) img_20180618_124347103.jpg (4,054,926 bytes) img_20180618_124637289_burst000_cover_top.jpg (4,441,752 bytes) img_20180618_124637289_burst001.jpg (4,451,445 bytes) img_20180618_124640176_burst000_cover_top.jpg (4,210,500 bytes) img_20180618_124640176_burst001.jpg (4,216,591 bytes) img_20180618_124649194.jpg (3,060,218 bytes) img_20180618_124651095.jpg (4,114,847 bytes) img_20180618_124652599.jpg (4,233,324 bytes) img_20180618_124656490_burst000_cover_top.jpg (4,110,672 bytes) img_20180618_124815268.jpg (4,267,195 bytes) img_20180618_124817130.jpg (4,197,395 bytes) img_20180618_124823169.jpg (4,176,936 bytes) img_20180618_124825294.jpg (4,170,744 bytes) img_20180618_124828224.jpg (4,101,804 bytes) img_20180618_125943714_burst000_cover_top.jpg (4,214,476 bytes) img_20180618_125943714_burst001.jpg (3,806,754 bytes) img_20180618_125946680.jpg (4,164,253 bytes) img_20180618_125949046.jpg (3,762,598 bytes) img_20180618_130251327.jpg (4,435,761 bytes) img_20180618_130326307.jpg (5,438,599 bytes) img_20180618_130328220.jpg (5,051,733 bytes) img_20180618_130331064.jpg (4,774,046 bytes) img_20180618_130333883.jpg (4,795,380 bytes) img_20180618_130335289.jpg (4,720,776 bytes) img_20180618_130618735.jpg (4,178,624 bytes) img_20180618_130620656.jpg (3,750,234 bytes) img_20180618_130622357.jpg (3,748,821 bytes) img_20180618_131025662.jpg (5,144,338 bytes) img_20180618_131027495.jpg (4,926,228 bytes) img_20180618_131029661.jpg (4,695,354 bytes)

I also have the following beach-related videos:

We rode the trolley along the boardwalk, which, to my surprise, is almost five miles long.  I'm not sure why I snapped the photo of Massage Paradise.

img_20180618_141000449.jpg (4,454,751 bytes) img_20180618_141424744.jpg (3,822,747 bytes) img_20180618_141428504_burst000_cover_top.jpg (3,880,495 bytes) img_20180618_141428504_burst001.jpg (3,507,660 bytes) img_20180618_141432316.jpg (3,868,262 bytes) img_20180618_141439648.jpg (4,361,816 bytes) img_20180618_141455837.jpg (3,790,434 bytes) img_20180618_142413622.jpg (3,621,466 bytes) img_20180618_145534530.jpg (5,199,453 bytes) img_20180618_145537774.jpg (4,790,240 bytes) img_20180618_145539942.jpg (4,864,788 bytes) img_20180618_145544237.jpg (4,476,995 bytes) img_20180618_145559461.jpg (5,154,157 bytes)

I also have the following videos of us playing boardwalk games:

These are photos of the room, which was really nice.  The shower door hardware caught my eye—they put the roller hardware at the top (rather than bottom) to avoid having channels that collect gunk.  It seemed like a great system—I've never seen that before.  I also have a video of the shower door (about 32 MB).

img_20180618_162312319.jpg (3,312,763 bytes) img_20180618_162317053.jpg (3,535,917 bytes) img_20180618_162328270.jpg (3,240,655 bytes) img_20180618_162443810.jpg (4,178,177 bytes) img_20180618_162448856_burst000_cover_top.jpg (4,523,450 bytes) img_20180618_162448856_burst001.jpg (5,295,824 bytes)

I won $180 playing Blackjack.  My observation about the Blackjack at The Tropicana is that it is fair (3:2 payout, no odd rules that I noticed).  Some of the casinos in Detroit are greedy (6:5 payout, odd rules the benefit the casino).

img_20180618_185542112_ll.jpg (4,516,869 bytes) img_20180618_185555866_ll.jpg (3,959,513 bytes) img_20180618_185605949_ll.jpg (4,028,260 bytes) img_20180618_185612517_ll.jpg (4,025,528 bytes)

I have two videos of our approach to the hotel.  In the first video (about 608 MB), we cross the Verrazano Bridge.  In the second video (about 533 MB), we approach the hotel.

Trista posing with a statue outside a gift shop in Manhattan.

img_20180619_153406268.jpg (5,983,321 bytes)

We had a nice lunch at Da Nico in Little Italy.  I believe the spaghetti met with Trista's approval.

img_20180619_165153233_ll.jpg (3,916,064 bytes) img_20180619_165158284.jpg (3,911,369 bytes) img_20180619_165201079.jpg (3,831,981 bytes) img_20180619_171717196.jpg (5,602,186 bytes)

Photos from Little Italy, including some cool T-shirts ...

img_20180619_171721020.jpg (4,563,248 bytes) img_20180619_171724663.jpg (4,591,503 bytes) img_20180619_171728318.jpg (5,189,602 bytes) img_20180619_171730266.jpg (5,635,061 bytes) img_20180619_173452707.jpg (5,512,529 bytes) img_20180619_173503071.jpg (4,203,831 bytes) img_20180619_174515937.jpg (6,915,664 bytes) img_20180619_174519898_burst000_cover_top.jpg (4,826,380 bytes) img_20180619_174519898_burst001.jpg (4,885,487 bytes) img_20180619_174526731.jpg (6,320,590 bytes) img_20180619_174533422.jpg (7,026,659 bytes) img_20180619_174537425.jpg (6,087,612 bytes) img_20180619_174556422.jpg (6,822,546 bytes) img_20180619_174600729.jpg (5,892,953 bytes) img_20180619_174625556.jpg (7,513,487 bytes) img_20180619_174639520.jpg (4,573,002 bytes)

Battery Park.  Trista wanted to see The Statue of Liberty at a distance before we visited.

img_20180619_183934242.jpg (7,766,457 bytes) img_20180619_183938049.jpg (7,669,074 bytes) img_20180619_184339475.jpg (5,063,936 bytes) img_20180619_184352445.jpg (4,836,511 bytes) img_20180619_184353979.jpg (4,815,543 bytes) img_20180619_184402047.jpg (2,317,857 bytes)

Walking The Brooklyn Bridge ...

img_20180619_194501976.jpg (3,773,216 bytes) img_20180619_194514756.jpg (3,631,951 bytes) img_20180619_194520275.jpg (4,300,541 bytes) img_20180619_194928337.jpg (3,886,665 bytes) img_20180619_194930341.jpg (3,906,027 bytes) img_20180619_195600426.jpg (6,073,502 bytes) img_20180619_195613335.jpg (4,181,535 bytes) img_20180619_195653751.jpg (4,035,894 bytes) img_20180619_195658750.jpg (3,958,766 bytes) img_20180619_195702843.jpg (4,008,535 bytes) img_20180619_195705812.jpg (3,994,762 bytes) img_20180619_195820895.jpg (4,484,137 bytes) img_20180619_195822243.jpg (4,525,339 bytes) img_20180619_195826376.jpg (4,745,670 bytes) img_20180619_195827871.jpg (4,768,382 bytes) img_20180619_195831573.jpg (4,621,062 bytes) img_20180619_195835072.jpg (4,212,273 bytes) img_20180619_195840586.jpg (4,521,827 bytes) img_20180619_200612109.jpg (4,062,114 bytes) img_20180619_200621111.jpg (3,263,161 bytes) img_20180619_200623309.jpg (3,261,557 bytes) img_20180619_200625005.jpg (3,268,344 bytes) img_20180619_200913109.jpg (4,743,569 bytes) img_20180619_200915992.jpg (4,865,697 bytes) img_20180619_200918785.jpg (4,134,793 bytes) img_20180619_200924136.jpg (4,632,350 bytes)

The subway trip back to the hotel.  The subway cars were made by Kawasaki (which surprised me).

img_20180619_212328287.jpg (3,609,651 bytes) img_20180619_212331034.jpg (3,504,576 bytes) img_20180619_212333510.jpg (3,887,653 bytes) img_20180619_212336818_burst000_cover_top.jpg (3,807,251 bytes) img_20180619_212336818_burst001.jpg (4,081,587 bytes) img_20180619_212340845.jpg (3,764,072 bytes) img_20180619_212344718.jpg (3,729,751 bytes) img_20180619_212346491.jpg (3,761,039 bytes) img_20180619_213128836.jpg (4,123,792 bytes) img_20180619_213130599.jpg (3,773,741 bytes) img_20180619_213154611.jpg (3,826,759 bytes) img_20180619_213209450.jpg (4,304,771 bytes) img_20180619_213215883.jpg (4,000,158 bytes) img_20180619_213218531.jpg (4,062,330 bytes) img_20180619_213231068.jpg (3,465,842 bytes)

We found a 24-hour supermarket near the hotel.  It was convenient, despite that fact that several perishable items were spoiled.

img_20180619_222605541.jpg (4,251,763 bytes) img_20180619_222818578.jpg (5,570,905 bytes) img_20180620_133226550.jpg (3,859,510 bytes) img_20180620_133229159.jpg (3,797,143 bytes)

We visited the 9/11 memorial and museum.  A very emotional and sobering place.

img_20180620_145323061.jpg (5,332,948 bytes) img_20180620_145327719.jpg (3,743,121 bytes) img_20180620_145336601.jpg (5,132,198 bytes)

Unhealthy dinner at a diner near the hotel ...

img_20180620_214404935.jpg (4,034,075 bytes) img_20180620_214410395.jpg (3,929,029 bytes) img_20180620_214415132.jpg (3,767,687 bytes) img_20180620_214418431.jpg (3,977,835 bytes)

We visited The Statue of Liberty, including taking the stairs to the crown.  That was a workout!

img_20180621_100617033.jpg (3,410,469 bytes) img_20180621_100626738.jpg (3,624,235 bytes) img_20180621_100644826.jpg (3,552,739 bytes) img_20180621_100745969.jpg (3,437,444 bytes) img_20180621_100956105.jpg (3,427,479 bytes) img_20180621_100958468.jpg (3,459,250 bytes) img_20180621_101001361.jpg (3,458,625 bytes) img_20180621_101003064.jpg (3,447,742 bytes) img_20180621_101030470.jpg (3,572,891 bytes) img_20180621_101035291.jpg (3,604,925 bytes) img_20180621_101042657.jpg (4,521,613 bytes) img_20180621_101045528.jpg (4,514,846 bytes) img_20180621_101047045.jpg (4,897,482 bytes) img_20180621_103024776.jpg (3,232,344 bytes) img_20180621_103214817.jpg (3,921,999 bytes) img_20180621_103216876.jpg (3,929,950 bytes) img_20180621_103711848.jpg (4,596,733 bytes) img_20180621_103714127.jpg (4,440,917 bytes) img_20180621_103719236.jpg (4,684,087 bytes) img_20180621_103722267.jpg (6,606,676 bytes) img_20180621_103723738.jpg (6,962,148 bytes) img_20180621_105352296_ll.jpg (4,253,176 bytes) img_20180621_110110132.jpg (4,818,112 bytes) img_20180621_110118050.jpg (5,668,697 bytes) img_20180621_110122206.jpg (4,910,627 bytes) img_20180621_110124476.jpg (6,538,429 bytes) img_20180621_110128872.jpg (5,410,763 bytes) img_20180621_110153183.jpg (5,605,217 bytes) img_20180621_110155972.jpg (5,836,523 bytes) img_20180621_110158145.jpg (5,925,631 bytes) img_20180621_111054519.jpg (3,891,948 bytes) img_20180621_111058378.jpg (4,257,320 bytes) img_20180621_111106894.jpg (4,250,546 bytes) img_20180621_111125267.jpg (4,474,822 bytes) img_20180621_111132224.jpg (3,660,728 bytes) img_20180621_111146553.jpg (3,394,093 bytes) img_20180621_111206313.jpg (3,631,105 bytes) img_20180621_111208418.jpg (3,783,240 bytes) img_20180621_111243403.jpg (3,254,952 bytes) img_20180621_111246212.jpg (2,950,644 bytes) img_20180621_111251874.jpg (3,963,767 bytes) img_20180621_111307696.jpg (3,227,680 bytes) img_20180621_111310106.jpg (3,152,248 bytes) img_20180621_111312242.jpg (3,293,972 bytes) img_20180621_111315074.jpg (4,079,023 bytes) img_20180621_111331824.jpg (3,657,350 bytes) img_20180621_111334188.jpg (3,962,802 bytes) img_20180621_112352957.jpg (5,334,968 bytes) img_20180621_112828971.jpg (3,539,398 bytes) img_20180621_112831992.jpg (3,477,032 bytes) img_20180621_112848179.jpg (4,414,634 bytes) img_20180621_112859770.jpg (3,456,389 bytes) img_20180621_112908045.jpg (3,765,557 bytes) img_20180621_112926647.jpg (3,920,465 bytes) img_20180621_112929425.jpg (4,098,303 bytes) img_20180621_112946698.jpg (3,809,137 bytes) img_20180621_113056128.jpg (4,187,913 bytes) img_20180621_113058642.jpg (4,158,768 bytes) img_20180621_113102995.jpg (4,188,006 bytes) img_20180621_113211314_ll.jpg (4,128,890 bytes) img_20180621_113218976.jpg (3,870,984 bytes) img_20180621_113226292.jpg (3,440,603 bytes) img_20180621_113332218_ll.jpg (4,134,749 bytes) img_20180621_120207553.jpg (5,440,098 bytes) img_20180621_120212336.jpg (5,110,318 bytes) img_20180621_120215470.jpg (4,637,963 bytes) img_20180621_120753251_burst000_cover_top.jpg (4,452,974 bytes) img_20180621_120753251_burst001.jpg (4,533,965 bytes) img_20180621_120755106.jpg (4,568,874 bytes) img_20180621_122103001.jpg (3,774,665 bytes) img_20180621_122105613_burst000_cover_top.jpg (3,530,722 bytes) img_20180621_122105613_burst001.jpg (3,686,962 bytes) img_20180621_123619257.jpg (4,295,714 bytes) img_20180621_123621520.jpg (4,093,560 bytes) img_20180621_123622649.jpg (4,238,364 bytes) img_20180621_123628146.jpg (4,661,433 bytes) img_20180621_125341435.jpg (4,088,212 bytes) img_20180621_125353970.jpg (3,975,323 bytes) img_20180621_125356991.jpg (4,010,528 bytes) img_20180621_125517616.jpg (3,673,039 bytes) img_20180621_125521453.jpg (3,634,364 bytes) img_20180621_125524752.jpg (3,853,851 bytes) img_20180621_125526843.jpg (3,614,598 bytes) img_20180621_132806399.jpg (7,059,919 bytes)

Madame Tussaud's House of Wax in NYC.  James Bond owed me money, so I had to collect.

img_20180621_150037640.jpg (4,905,142 bytes) img_20180621_150039414.jpg (4,741,026 bytes) img_20180621_150849767_ll.jpg (3,965,983 bytes) img_20180621_151149462.jpg (4,215,817 bytes) img_20180621_151206578_burst000_cover_top.jpg (4,530,385 bytes) img_20180621_151206578_burst001.jpg (4,355,444 bytes) img_20180621_151209297_burst000_cover_top.jpg (4,108,146 bytes) img_20180621_151209297_burst001.jpg (4,068,710 bytes) img_20180621_151243041.jpg (3,636,705 bytes) img_20180621_151245719.jpg (3,930,661 bytes) img_20180621_151326123.jpg (3,846,419 bytes) img_20180621_151335364.jpg (3,787,237 bytes) img_20180621_151348996.jpg (3,944,929 bytes) img_20180621_151428861.jpg (3,980,276 bytes) img_20180621_151430433.jpg (3,964,727 bytes) img_20180621_151444562.jpg (4,074,146 bytes) img_20180621_151508904_ll.jpg (3,900,505 bytes) img_20180621_151554813_ll.jpg (3,819,341 bytes) img_20180621_151556869_ll.jpg (3,881,203 bytes) img_20180621_151749423_ll.jpg (3,836,085 bytes) img_20180621_151753491_ll.jpg (3,890,452 bytes) img_20180621_151806582_ll.jpg (4,010,965 bytes) img_20180621_151820940_ll.jpg (3,792,277 bytes) img_20180621_151823298_ll.jpg (3,836,319 bytes) img_20180621_151912242.jpg (4,250,578 bytes) img_20180621_152033441_burst000_cover_top.jpg (3,722,041 bytes) img_20180621_152033441_burst001.jpg (3,643,104 bytes) img_20180621_152043305.jpg (3,961,311 bytes) img_20180621_152117146.jpg (4,383,064 bytes) img_20180621_152126367.jpg (3,980,753 bytes) img_20180621_152207626.jpg (2,892,737 bytes) img_20180621_152231395.jpg (5,105,967 bytes) img_20180621_152235214.jpg (4,137,451 bytes) img_20180621_152306230.jpg (4,107,906 bytes) img_20180621_152356410.jpg (4,255,990 bytes) img_20180621_152358899_ll.jpg (4,150,485 bytes) img_20180621_152440085.jpg (3,334,481 bytes) img_20180621_152441121.jpg (3,150,480 bytes) img_20180621_152442794.jpg (3,309,116 bytes) img_20180621_152503912.jpg (3,395,306 bytes) img_20180621_152505134.jpg (3,403,580 bytes) img_20180621_152534272_ll.jpg (3,417,668 bytes) img_20180621_152535807_ll.jpg (3,460,085 bytes) img_20180621_152538664_ll.jpg (3,437,032 bytes) img_20180621_152552609.jpg (3,285,928 bytes) img_20180621_152554082_ll.jpg (3,207,750 bytes) img_20180621_152629241.jpg (5,117,287 bytes) img_20180621_152633052.jpg (3,594,445 bytes) img_20180621_152652290.jpg (3,789,861 bytes) img_20180621_152722465_ll.jpg (4,088,930 bytes) img_20180621_152815913.jpg (3,666,456 bytes) img_20180621_152821333.jpg (3,721,933 bytes) img_20180621_152826735.jpg (3,555,413 bytes) img_20180621_152828528.jpg (3,526,201 bytes) img_20180621_152850617.jpg (3,549,373 bytes) img_20180621_152852264.jpg (3,485,344 bytes) img_20180621_152920616.jpg (3,523,883 bytes) img_20180621_152925807.jpg (3,170,922 bytes) img_20180621_152930175.jpg (3,176,168 bytes) img_20180621_153000600.jpg (3,457,567 bytes) img_20180621_153002034.jpg (3,526,062 bytes) img_20180621_153018170.jpg (3,523,612 bytes) img_20180621_153020518.jpg (3,578,703 bytes) img_20180621_153021938.jpg (3,485,205 bytes) img_20180621_153022994.jpg (3,444,304 bytes) img_20180621_153058596.jpg (3,610,531 bytes) img_20180621_153059694.jpg (3,592,297 bytes) img_20180621_153104368_ll.jpg (3,458,758 bytes) img_20180621_153107381.jpg (3,568,289 bytes) img_20180621_153108432_ll.jpg (3,380,194 bytes) img_20180621_153135150.jpg (3,719,244 bytes) img_20180621_153304166.jpg (3,857,453 bytes) img_20180621_153318211.jpg (3,809,979 bytes) img_20180621_153413790.jpg (3,657,042 bytes) img_20180621_153418512.jpg (3,423,056 bytes) img_20180621_153420052.jpg (3,395,267 bytes) img_20180621_153425443.jpg (4,003,156 bytes) img_20180621_153706330.jpg (3,635,484 bytes) img_20180621_153711226.jpg (3,612,027 bytes) img_20180621_153837729.jpg (3,727,703 bytes) img_20180621_153838880.jpg (3,669,377 bytes) img_20180621_153848478.jpg (3,558,245 bytes) img_20180621_153851924.jpg (3,662,366 bytes) img_20180621_153945799.jpg (4,309,654 bytes) img_20180621_154007473.jpg (3,837,335 bytes) img_20180621_154013011.jpg (3,934,807 bytes) img_20180621_154047732.jpg (3,990,646 bytes) img_20180621_154213335.jpg (4,041,880 bytes) img_20180621_154218636.jpg (3,984,124 bytes) img_20180621_154220036.jpg (4,173,121 bytes) img_20180621_154242657.jpg (3,742,387 bytes) img_20180621_154244035.jpg (3,792,350 bytes) img_20180621_154257928_ll.jpg (3,900,411 bytes) img_20180621_154349230.jpg (3,838,585 bytes) img_20180621_154350578.jpg (3,927,341 bytes) img_20180621_154355926.jpg (3,866,790 bytes) img_20180621_154402158.jpg (3,840,912 bytes) img_20180621_155116721.jpg (3,337,181 bytes) img_20180621_155119292.jpg (3,371,433 bytes) img_20180621_155120599.jpg (3,393,571 bytes) img_20180621_155123546.jpg (3,485,287 bytes) img_20180621_155127395.jpg (3,177,887 bytes) img_20180621_155129347.jpg (3,179,362 bytes) img_20180621_155230132.jpg (3,527,069 bytes) img_20180621_155233348.jpg (3,882,592 bytes) img_20180621_155237060.jpg (4,497,383 bytes) img_20180621_155343385.jpg (4,866,882 bytes) img_20180621_155346679.jpg (3,769,598 bytes) img_20180621_155349725.jpg (5,528,358 bytes) img_20180621_155353337.jpg (5,278,385 bytes) img_20180621_155357472.jpg (5,625,641 bytes) img_20180621_155717882.jpg (4,300,616 bytes) img_20180621_155743070.jpg (3,489,315 bytes) img_20180621_155745146.jpg (3,539,709 bytes) img_20180621_162305763.jpg (3,877,884 bytes) img_20180621_162406668.jpg (4,006,126 bytes) img_20180621_162419446.jpg (4,177,545 bytes) img_20180621_162420920.jpg (4,180,281 bytes) img_20180621_162422556.jpg (4,160,845 bytes) img_20180621_162426110.jpg (4,154,308 bytes) img_20180621_162450550_ll.jpg (3,967,857 bytes) img_20180621_162453914_ll.jpg (4,053,601 bytes) img_20180621_162502426.jpg (3,817,998 bytes) img_20180621_162505177_ll.jpg (3,924,232 bytes) img_20180621_162546402.jpg (3,848,072 bytes) img_20180621_162548537_burst000_cover_top.jpg (3,757,961 bytes) img_20180621_162548537_burst001.jpg (3,881,590 bytes)

I also have two videos of us in New York City.  In the first video (about 913 MB), we ride the Staten Island Ferry (and the Statue of Liberty comes into view around 5:40).  In the second video (about 380 MB), we are in the Ghostbusters section of Madame Tussaud's.

The trip back, including Trista doing gymnastics in a travel stop at about 3:30 a.m.

img_20180621_195259538.jpg (4,277,229 bytes) img_20180621_195301225.jpg (4,322,604 bytes) img_20180621_195303387.jpg (4,362,152 bytes) img_20180621_195305827.jpg (4,221,271 bytes) img_20180621_195646964.jpg (3,578,122 bytes) img_20180622_032906917.jpg (4,412,581 bytes) img_20180622_064327510.jpg (4,025,474 bytes) img_20180622_064332893.jpg (3,768,189 bytes) img_20180622_064334195.jpg (4,112,342 bytes)

And now the miscellaneous photos ... geese near my workplace ... they think the fountain is grand ...

img_20180613_182306421.jpg (3,853,024 bytes) img_20180613_182311961.jpg (2,809,623 bytes) img_20180613_182314140.jpg (2,929,334 bytes) img_20180613_182316297.jpg (2,837,972 bytes)

Cats being cats ...

img_20180614_002401982_ll.jpg (5,011,783 bytes) img_20180415_220225346_ll.jpg (5,560,826 bytes) img_20180415_220236982_ll.jpg (4,704,462 bytes) img_20180415_220245772_ll.jpg (4,492,323 bytes) img_20180418_010451350_ll.jpg (4,798,979 bytes)

Canadian currency (much prettier than U.S. currency).  I believe this photo was taken when I went to Canada to give Bill Hacke a ride back after he gave his late wife's vehicle to his wife's family.

img_20180422_130748743.jpg (5,478,400 bytes)

The latch trim on the Hyundai.  When I had the latch replaced, they used a different color trim (formerly blue, now black).

img_20180516_153422911_hdr.jpg (3,311,195 bytes) img_20180516_153434588.jpg (6,381,618 bytes)

Scraped mirror.  A truck on the freeway actually swerved into my land and made contact with the mirror.  Fortunately, there was no other damage.

img_20180516_162637621_hdr.jpg (3,495,105 bytes)

Doing outdoor yardwork.  I often listen to podcasts on a Bluetooth speaker,m but this time I actually watched television outdoors.

img_20180520_150012532_hdr.jpg (6,017,369 bytes) img_20180520_150017621.jpg (5,810,895 bytes) img_20180520_150040185.jpg (5,929,847 bytes) img_20180520_174208553_hdr.jpg (6,079,817 bytes)

A bulged can of tuna I found among my mom's things.  Naturally, I did not eat it.

img_20180520_215527651_ll.jpg (4,310,619 bytes)

An ODFL (Old Dominion Freight Lines) truck on the road.  Although (at the time the picture was taken) I owned ODFL stock (and still may), I had never seen one of their trucks on the road.

img_20180522_090539279.jpg (3,680,041 bytes)

The front lawn, which could definitely use improvement.

img_20180523_191129083.jpg (9,855,756 bytes) img_20180523_191136983.jpg (9,457,308 bytes) img_20180523_191146862.jpg (8,239,269 bytes)

A less-than-nutritionally-sound food purchase at the local 7-11.

img_20180524_222044697.jpg (5,120,760 bytes)

A Yoda (Star Wars) figure on a colleague's desk.

img_20180525_163611623.jpg (3,115,628 bytes)

Sweetie out at night ...

img_20180527_231407107.jpg (4,871,026 bytes)

A particularly warm day ...

img_20180528_000404819.jpg (3,994,045 bytes)

Disposing of a shopping cart from my mom's garage ...

img_20180528_195339854.jpg (7,485,520 bytes) img_20180528_195344514_hdr.jpg (5,724,042 bytes)

An unusual single-vehicle accident in the parking lot near the Biggby Coffee where I go ...

img_20180605_083702711_hdr.jpg (5,919,201 bytes) img_20180605_083709064_hdr.jpg (5,666,892 bytes) img_20180605_083716244_hdr.jpg (5,407,299 bytes) img_20180605_083730729.jpg (4,428,815 bytes) img_20180605_083738693_hdr.jpg (5,506,544 bytes) img_20180605_084313812_hdr.jpg (3,547,710 bytes)

A car with novel decorations ...

img_20180607_190404749.jpg (5,501,699 bytes) img_20180607_190426231_hdr.jpg (6,676,220 bytes) img_20180607_190429868_hdr.jpg (3,983,367 bytes)

An unusual product for sale in a restaurant ...

img_20180610_152422777.jpg (4,397,717 bytes) img_20180610_152425962.jpg (4,243,489 bytes) img_20180610_152429782.jpg (4,192,131 bytes) img_20180610_152446737.jpg (4,217,838 bytes)

I drove through one of my old neighborhoods in Detroit and made a video (about 1.2GB).  12350 Birwood (5:26 in the video) is a former address.  I used to live upstairs.

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