Photos and Videos from Trip to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, and The Hoover Dam with Janet (August 4-9, 2015)

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General remark:  The photos below come from two devices, my camera and my iPhone.  The photos won't be in exact chronological order because in a lot of cases it was difficult to determine the sequence of photos between the two devices.

The flight on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 from Detroit to Chicago (Midway) ...

0100_img_3695.jpg (1,800,294 bytes) 0100_img_3696.jpg (1,244,439 bytes)

At Chicago Midway, Janet needed a cigarette, and we couldn't find one or a smoking area within the secure area of the airport.  So we walked out and took a break at the airport's bus station.  Cigarettes were $12.99/pack at a little shop near the airport exit, which is outrageous pricing.

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Back inside the airport ...

0100_img_3705.jpg (2,227,902 bytes) 0100_img_3706.jpg (2,232,837 bytes) 0100_img_3709.jpg (2,381,117 bytes)

Janet eating lunch (Thai food, I think) ...

0100_img_3707.jpg (3,754,860 bytes) 0100_img_3708.jpg (3,785,770 bytes)

We did shoot a video while watching the baggage handlers unload a plane.  A bag had fallen off the conveyor belt at the plane and we were speculating about its fate.  (As it worked out, the bag was spotted and picked up.)  The thumbnail below links to a video. (143,949,271 bytes)

The flight from Chicago Midway to Phoenix, and our first view of the Phoenix airport.  Near the end of the flight, even from the air, it was clear that we were not in Michigan.

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Traffic was heavy getting out of Phoenix.  This is the traffic plus the 21st-century navigation device and the ancient navigation device as backup.

0300_img_3713.jpg (2,470,140 bytes) 0300_img_3714.jpg (2,478,943 bytes) 0300_img_3715.jpg (1,835,821 bytes) 0300_img_3716.jpg (2,600,763 bytes) 0300_img_3717.jpg (3,429,096 bytes) 0300_img_3718.jpg (3,720,476 bytes)

We stopped at a rest area and the signs warning of critters were funny.  Janet did point out that there were lots of snake holes near the bushes, which added some credibility to the signs.

0300_dscn2116.jpg (4,965,155 bytes) 0300_dscn2117.jpg (4,589,865 bytes) 0300_dscn2118.jpg (5,111,296 bytes) 0300_dscn2119.jpg (4,311,292 bytes) 0300_dscn2120.jpg (4,858,934 bytes) 0300_dscn2121.jpg (5,095,112 bytes) 0300_dscn2122.jpg (5,005,020 bytes) 0300_dscn2123.jpg (4,863,511 bytes) 0300_dscn2124.jpg (5,006,301 bytes) 0300_dscn2125.jpg (4,885,529 bytes) 0300_dscn2126.jpg (5,005,786 bytes) 0300_dscn2127.jpg (4,985,072 bytes) 0300_img_3731.jpg (5,006,687 bytes) 0300_img_3732.jpg (4,973,698 bytes) 0300_dscn2128.jpg (5,036,200 bytes) 0300_dscn2129.jpg (4,663,391 bytes) 0300_dscn2130.jpg (5,231,684 bytes) 0300_dscn2131.jpg (5,152,351 bytes) 0300_dscn2132.jpg (4,966,764 bytes) 0300_dscn2133.jpg (4,833,409 bytes) 0300_dscn2134.jpg (4,773,846 bytes) 0300_img_3723.jpg (2,260,674 bytes) 0300_img_3724.jpg (2,463,553 bytes) 0300_img_3725.jpg (2,011,026 bytes) 0300_img_3726.jpg (1,987,451 bytes) 0300_img_3727.jpg (1,974,624 bytes) 0300_img_3728.jpg (1,972,979 bytes) 0300_img_3729.jpg (1,757,396 bytes) 0300_img_3730.jpg (1,910,643 bytes)

We were advised by a Phoenix resident on the plane that we might want to drive through Sedona to see the beautiful rock formations.  It was very beautiful.

0300_dscn2135.jpg (4,907,220 bytes) 0300_dscn2136.jpg (4,885,402 bytes) 0300_dscn2137.jpg (5,054,771 bytes) 0300_dscn2138.jpg (4,842,905 bytes) 0300_dscn2139.jpg (4,628,264 bytes) 0300_dscn2140.jpg (4,575,685 bytes) 0300_dscn2141.jpg (4,636,118 bytes) 0300_dscn2142.jpg (5,101,765 bytes) 0300_dscn2143.jpg (5,019,389 bytes) 0300_dscn2144.jpg (4,647,290 bytes) 0300_dscn2145.jpg (5,091,086 bytes) 0300_dscn2146.jpg (4,598,666 bytes) 0300_dscn2147.jpg (5,024,776 bytes) 0300_dscn2148.jpg (4,959,496 bytes) 0300_dscn2149.jpg (4,862,373 bytes) 0300_dscn2150.jpg (4,733,290 bytes) 0300_dscn2151.jpg (4,560,426 bytes) 0300_dscn2152.jpg (4,849,640 bytes) 0300_dscn2153.jpg (5,031,944 bytes) 0300_dscn2154.jpg (4,764,863 bytes) 0300_dscn2155.jpg (5,016,136 bytes) 0300_dscn2156.jpg (4,677,010 bytes) 0300_dscn2157.jpg (4,922,756 bytes) 0300_dscn2158.jpg (4,801,959 bytes) 0300_dscn2159.jpg (5,117,094 bytes) 0300_dscn2160.jpg (4,608,755 bytes) 0300_dscn2161.jpg (5,110,020 bytes) 0300_dscn2162.jpg (4,876,793 bytes) 0300_dscn2163.jpg (4,898,786 bytes) 0300_dscn2164.jpg (4,598,032 bytes) 0300_dscn2165.jpg (4,653,249 bytes) 0300_dscn2166.jpg (4,822,696 bytes) 0300_dscn2167.jpg (4,914,680 bytes) 0300_dscn2168.jpg (5,058,252 bytes) 0300_dscn2169.jpg (4,929,744 bytes) 0300_dscn2170.jpg (4,900,578 bytes) 0300_dscn2171.jpg (4,789,943 bytes) 0300_dscn2172.jpg (5,123,631 bytes) 0300_dscn2173.jpg (4,853,723 bytes) 0300_dscn2174.jpg (4,688,908 bytes) 0300_dscn2175.jpg (4,824,323 bytes) 0300_dscn2176.jpg (4,837,948 bytes) 0300_dscn2177.jpg (4,740,095 bytes) 0300_dscn2178.jpg (4,719,692 bytes) 0300_dscn2179.jpg (5,014,258 bytes) 0300_dscn2180.jpg (5,014,292 bytes) 0300_dscn2181.jpg (4,433,504 bytes) 0300_dscn2182.jpg (4,857,108 bytes) 0300_dscn2183.jpg (4,474,876 bytes) 0300_img_3733.jpg (2,188,626 bytes) 0300_img_3734.jpg (3,149,648 bytes) 0300_img_3735.jpg (3,151,636 bytes) 0300_img_3736.jpg (3,064,200 bytes) 0300_img_3737.jpg (2,020,212 bytes) 0300_img_3738.jpg (2,079,257 bytes) 0300_img_3739.jpg (2,542,712 bytes) 0300_img_3740.jpg (2,560,427 bytes) 0300_img_3741.jpg (2,904,660 bytes) 0300_img_3742.jpg (1,447,843 bytes) 0300_img_3743.jpg (1,514,040 bytes) 0300_img_3744.jpg (1,634,535 bytes) 0300_img_3745.jpg (1,566,542 bytes) 0300_img_3746.jpg (1,577,689 bytes) 0300_img_3747.jpg (1,567,907 bytes) 0300_img_3748.jpg (1,879,182 bytes) 0300_img_3749.jpg (1,971,950 bytes) 0300_img_3750.jpg (2,111,137 bytes) 0300_img_3751.jpg (2,240,714 bytes) 0300_img_3752.jpg (2,117,709 bytes) 0300_img_3753.jpg (2,239,102 bytes) 0300_img_3754.jpg (2,088,084 bytes) 0300_img_3755.jpg (2,099,011 bytes) 0300_img_3756.jpg (2,357,389 bytes) 0300_img_3757.jpg (2,451,521 bytes) 0300_img_3758.jpg (1,948,326 bytes) 0300_img_3759.jpg (2,253,974 bytes)

We also have a video of part of the drive.  The thumbnail below links to a video. (200,910,083 bytes)

We had dinner in Flagstaff, Arizona.  I wanted to eat at The Grand Canyon Cafe, but entered from the side or the back and accidentally had dinner at Martanne's.  The food was good (but artsy), and the art on the walls was very unusual.

0400_img_3774.jpg (3,436,436 bytes) 0400_img_3775.jpg (1,762,265 bytes) 0400_img_3773.jpg (1,545,561 bytes) 0400_img_3761.jpg (3,861,123 bytes) 0400_img_3762.jpg (3,932,708 bytes) 0400_img_3763.jpg (3,689,517 bytes) 0400_img_3764.jpg (2,044,766 bytes) 0400_img_3765.jpg (3,479,528 bytes) 0400_img_3766.jpg (3,446,683 bytes) 0400_img_3767.jpg (3,765,431 bytes) 0400_img_3768.jpg (2,077,953 bytes) 0400_img_3769.jpg (2,004,026 bytes) 0400_img_3770.jpg (2,077,613 bytes) 0400_img_3771.jpg (2,143,990 bytes)

We stayed at The L Motel.  I think the photo below is from the unused second room of our hotel suite.  This was not a 5-star hotel (LOL).

0400_dscn2184.jpg (4,838,009 bytes)

On Wednesday, August 5, 2015 we drove to The Grand Canyon (South Rim).  It was more impressive than I imagined it could be.  Prior to my visit, I mistakenly thought it was about 2,000 feet deep—it is actually about 5,000 feet deep.

In some of the photos, if you enlarge them, you can see Janet.  I stayed one place on the rim while Janet walked to another place and I took her picture.

Thanks to a gal tourist from Japan who took our picture together for us.

0500_dscn2185.jpg (4,950,756 bytes) 0500_dscn2186.jpg (5,056,529 bytes) 0500_dscn2187.jpg (5,841,391 bytes) 0500_dscn2188.jpg (5,131,211 bytes) 0500_dscn2189.jpg (5,035,570 bytes) 0500_dscn2190.jpg (4,860,782 bytes) 0500_dscn2191.jpg (4,897,942 bytes) 0500_dscn2192.jpg (5,094,417 bytes) 0500_dscn2193.jpg (5,075,660 bytes) 0500_dscn2194.jpg (5,176,280 bytes) 0500_dscn2195.jpg (5,170,895 bytes) 0500_dscn2196.jpg (5,043,865 bytes) 0500_dscn2197.jpg (5,116,068 bytes) 0500_dscn2198.jpg (5,111,480 bytes) 0500_dscn2199.jpg (5,064,446 bytes) 0500_dscn2200.jpg (4,880,498 bytes) 0500_dscn2201.jpg (4,977,953 bytes) 0500_dscn2202.jpg (4,916,444 bytes) 0500_img_3777.jpg (2,775,824 bytes) 0500_img_3778.jpg (2,781,347 bytes) 0500_img_3779.jpg (2,867,826 bytes) 0500_img_3780.jpg (2,518,769 bytes) 0500_img_3781.jpg (2,482,272 bytes) 0500_img_3782.jpg (3,156,978 bytes) 0500_img_3783.jpg (2,812,256 bytes) 0500_img_3784.jpg (2,935,583 bytes) 0500_img_3785.jpg (3,121,157 bytes) 0500_img_3786.jpg (2,820,240 bytes) 0500_img_3787.jpg (4,288,340 bytes) 0500_img_3788.jpg (4,412,501 bytes) 0500_img_3789.jpg (4,585,545 bytes) 0500_img_3790.jpg (3,325,486 bytes) 0500_img_3791.jpg (2,994,253 bytes) 0500_img_3792.jpg (3,420,561 bytes) 0500_img_3793.jpg (4,738,417 bytes) 0500_img_3794.jpg (3,267,326 bytes) 0500_img_3795.jpg (2,415,955 bytes) 0500_img_3796.jpg (2,189,172 bytes)

Later that day (Wednesday, August 5, 2015), we arrived in Las Vegas.  The photos below in Vegas span multiple days, up through Saturday, August 8, 2015.

0600_img_3797.jpg (2,109,755 bytes) 0600_img_3798.jpg (2,174,194 bytes) 0600_img_3799.jpg (2,084,292 bytes)

This is Janet having her smoke and returning text messages in a casino parking lot shortly after we arrived ...

0600_img_3800.jpg (2,856,727 bytes)

The hotel where we spent a couple of days, The Oasis at Gold Spike, was just a block or so from The Heart Attack Grill.  Janet had seen through the window that the waitresses were wearing nurse's uniforms and the customers were dressed in hospital gowns (or something like that), and was curious what the place was (regrettably, we never went).  This is a poster near a bus stop.

0600_img_3805.jpg (3,340,343 bytes)

We did see a billboard for The United Church of Bacon.  It ends up that this is a statement of some sort by the magicians Penn and Teller.

0600_img_3807.jpg (1,868,530 bytes) 0600_img_3808.jpg (1,693,286 bytes)

By Thursday, August 6, 2015, we needed to do laundry.  These are pics from a 24-hour laundromat we were able to find.

0600_img_3851.jpg (154,864 bytes) 0600_img_3852.jpg (156,569 bytes) 0600_img_3853.jpg (1,757,912 bytes)

Miscellaneous pictures from The Strip and elsewhere in Vegas ...

0600_img_3804.jpg (2,304,755 bytes) 0600_img_3806.jpg (2,666,123 bytes) 0600_img_3809.jpg (1,703,986 bytes) 0600_img_3810.jpg (1,782,128 bytes) 0600_img_3811.jpg (3,490,743 bytes) 0600_img_3812.jpg (1,763,857 bytes) 0600_img_3813.jpg (1,565,333 bytes) 0600_img_3814.jpg (2,416,784 bytes)

Breakfast at The Oasis at Gold Spike on ...

0600_img_3817.jpg (1,859,605 bytes)

While driving around Vegas, we did see several billboards for personal injury attorneys.  I thought the In a wreck?  Need a check? tagline was quite clever.

0600_img_3856.jpg (2,549,872 bytes) 0600_img_3857.jpg (2,430,926 bytes) 0600_img_3858.jpg (2,633,577 bytes) 0600_img_3859.jpg (2,637,564 bytes)

While at The Oasis at Gold Spike, I watched a partial episode of Blue Bloods.  I found the show to be very watchable.  I advised my mom of this, as she is a huge fan of the show.

0600_img_3855.jpg (1,018,083 bytes)

On Friday, August 7, 2015 we went to see the Kriss Angel: Believe show at The Luxor.  These are photos from The Luxor.  My impression of the show is that I have no idea in the world how they did what they did.  I'm sure it was a mixture of technology, lighting, and diversion.  It was pretty amazing.

0600_img_3860.jpg (3,254,083 bytes) 0600_img_3861.jpg (3,165,003 bytes) 0600_img_3862.jpg (3,334,558 bytes) 0600_img_3863.jpg (2,964,582 bytes) 0600_img_3864.jpg (3,502,067 bytes) 0600_img_3865.jpg (3,690,999 bytes) 0600_img_3866.jpg (2,462,996 bytes) 0600_img_3867.jpg (2,561,939 bytes) 0600_img_3868.jpg (1,900,356 bytes) 0600_img_3869.jpg (2,614,292 bytes) 0600_img_3870.jpg (2,484,147 bytes)

On the morning of Thursday, August 6, 2015 we went to see The Hoover Dam.  The tour and the materials given out by the government were quite amazing.  I had no idea that the primary purpose of the dam was to "tame" the Colorado river and level out the downstream water flow to prevent floods and drought, or that Lake Mead was the largest manmade water reservoir.  I also find it amazing that one could just effectively "cork" a river like that.

The drive to the dam was interesting, including a casino and hotel named after the dam ...

0700_dscn2222.jpg (5,040,007 bytes) 0700_dscn2203.jpg (5,119,691 bytes) 0700_dscn2204.jpg (4,591,784 bytes) 0700_dscn2205.jpg (4,819,212 bytes) 0700_dscn2206.jpg (4,645,238 bytes) 0700_dscn2207.jpg (4,652,810 bytes) 0700_dscn2208.jpg (4,783,080 bytes) 0700_dscn2209.jpg (4,847,146 bytes) 0700_dscn2210.jpg (5,025,272 bytes) 0700_dscn2211.jpg (5,056,836 bytes) 0700_dscn2212.jpg (4,864,418 bytes) 0700_dscn2213.jpg (4,854,964 bytes) 0700_dscn2214.jpg (4,966,754 bytes) 0700_dscn2215.jpg (4,838,435 bytes) 0700_dscn2216.jpg (4,545,628 bytes) 0700_dscn2217.jpg (4,869,469 bytes) 0700_dscn2218.jpg (4,710,639 bytes) 0700_dscn2224.jpg (5,088,586 bytes) 0700_dscn2225.jpg (5,137,141 bytes) 0700_dscn2226.jpg (5,120,192 bytes) 0700_dscn2227.jpg (4,576,914 bytes) 0700_dscn2228.jpg (4,907,714 bytes) 0700_dscn2229.jpg (4,746,058 bytes) 0700_dscn2230.jpg (4,765,137 bytes) 0700_dscn2231.jpg (5,025,035 bytes) 0700_dscn2232.jpg (4,881,035 bytes) 0700_dscn2233.jpg (4,693,062 bytes)

These are photos from the parking area and exterior of the dam.  The parking structure is quite amazing, as they have sculpted it (i.e. poured a very unusual parking deck) to fit among the rock formations.

0700_img_3819.jpg (2,745,316 bytes) 0700_img_3820.jpg (4,151,972 bytes) 0700_img_3821.jpg (2,579,066 bytes) 0700_dscn2234.jpg (4,593,806 bytes) 0700_dscn2235.jpg (5,073,532 bytes) 0700_dscn2236.jpg (4,888,665 bytes) 0700_dscn2237.jpg (5,039,301 bytes) 0700_dscn2238.jpg (4,852,555 bytes) 0700_dscn2239.jpg (4,853,138 bytes) 0700_dscn2262.jpg (4,945,319 bytes) 0700_dscn2263.jpg (4,833,704 bytes) 0700_dscn2264.jpg (5,102,528 bytes) 0700_dscn2265.jpg (5,095,246 bytes) 0700_dscn2266.jpg (5,534,487 bytes) 0700_img_3822.jpg (2,771,790 bytes) 0700_img_3823.jpg (4,419,247 bytes) 0700_img_3824.jpg (2,589,153 bytes) 0700_img_3825.jpg (2,483,315 bytes) 0700_img_3826.jpg (2,770,443 bytes) 0700_img_3827.jpg (2,621,893 bytes) 0700_img_3828.jpg (2,554,601 bytes) 0700_img_3829.jpg (4,321,596 bytes) 0700_img_3830.jpg (3,870,292 bytes) 0700_img_3831.jpg (4,071,129 bytes) 0700_img_3832.jpg (4,124,075 bytes) 0700_img_3833.jpg (3,832,283 bytes) 0700_img_3834.jpg (2,863,784 bytes) 0700_img_3835.jpg (2,818,198 bytes) 0700_img_3836.jpg (2,738,085 bytes) 0700_img_3837.jpg (2,478,955 bytes) 0700_img_3838.jpg (2,328,048 bytes) 0700_img_3839.jpg (2,519,133 bytes) 0700_img_3840.jpg (2,396,272 bytes) 0700_img_3841.jpg (2,479,713 bytes) 0700_img_3842.jpg (3,094,524 bytes) 0700_img_3843.jpg (2,539,572 bytes) 0700_img_3844.jpg (2,697,281 bytes) 0700_img_3845.jpg (4,700,835 bytes) 0700_img_3846.jpg (4,186,293 bytes) 0700_img_3847.jpg (2,606,246 bytes) 0700_img_3848.jpg (3,983,534 bytes)

Exhibit involving the construction of the dam ...

0700_dscn2241.jpg (5,669,926 bytes) 0700_dscn2242.jpg (5,149,967 bytes) 0700_dscn2240.jpg (5,540,784 bytes)

Janet by the window while waiting for the tour to begin ...

0700_dscn2243.jpg (4,789,612 bytes) 0700_dscn2244.jpg (4,917,127 bytes)

Photos from the tour.  The power generation turbines were amazing—each one was rated for over 100 megawatts and in total The Hoover Dam is a 1 gigawatt+ power generation facility.  I did not know you could get so much power from one river.

0700_dscn2245.jpg (5,150,098 bytes) 0700_dscn2246.jpg (5,147,497 bytes) 0700_dscn2247.jpg (5,160,568 bytes) 0700_dscn2248.jpg (5,164,450 bytes) 0700_dscn2249.jpg (5,101,946 bytes) 0700_dscn2250.jpg (5,129,833 bytes) 0700_dscn2251.jpg (5,103,564 bytes) 0700_dscn2252.jpg (4,888,326 bytes) 0700_dscn2253.jpg (5,217,394 bytes) 0700_dscn2254.jpg (5,154,316 bytes) 0700_dscn2255.jpg (5,138,857 bytes) 0700_dscn2256.jpg (5,076,862 bytes) 0700_dscn2257.jpg (5,050,639 bytes) 0700_dscn2259.jpg (4,665,493 bytes) 0700_dscn2260.jpg (4,977,207 bytes) 0700_dscn2261.jpg (5,110,875 bytes)

We also have a video from the tour.  The thumbnail below links to the video. (3,746,682,216 bytes)

We did have some greenscreen tourist photos done at The Hoover Dam ...

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On Saturday, August 8, 2015, we went to the Star Trek Convention.  It was pretty amazing to listen to Joan Collins and William Shatner speak.  I also find it humorous that the NASA Federal Credit Union will soon offer Star Trek themed credit cards.

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The return drive from Las Vegas to Phoenix.  The last photo is Janet on a shuttle bus from the rental car return to the terminal in Phoenix.

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