Photos of Lucy, and Miscellaneous Photos (December 31, 2014)

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Lucy was a darling of a cat, originally given to me as a kitten by Yvonne Valentine.  The photos below were taken in the last several weeks of her life.  In some of the photos you can see her tumor clearly visible.

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An above-average wreck on my way to work.

img_3337.jpg (905,676 bytes)

Signs for sale in a shop somewhere (but I don't remember where).

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Tiger at the vet's office.

img_3346.jpg (2,171,805 bytes)

A cute humorous image someone sent me or that was posted on Facebook ...

img_3370.jpg (46,849 bytes)

Mary and Trista enjoying a new chair sold to me by colleagues.

img_3413.jpg (1,736,601 bytes)

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