Miscellaneous Photos and Videos Unloaded from Digital Camera and iPhone  (December 30, 2010)

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I built a kit trebuchet in May of 2010.  It was rather fun.

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I may have been to the casino once or twice in the past year ...

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A colleague ...

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Entertaining bumper stickers and so on that I've seen on vehicles ...

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One of the fun things about playing modern video games is interacting with the much younger folks that play.  Quite often, I receive messages that are abusive or taunting.

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My mom and Sweetie ...

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While mom was away for a week, I kept Sweetie in Marshall with me.  She had a preferred sleeping location so that nothing could sneak up on her ...

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An interesting TSA poster ...

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Gas station art ...

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The name of a state official in Florida.  Talk about name recognition ...

img_0194.jpg (1131373 bytes)

Graffiti in Marshall.  We don't get much of it.

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An MSF course being taught near the Colonial Plaza in Orlando, Florida.

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Dad after he was home from the hospital and shortly before he died.  From left to right in the photo are the hospice nurse, dad, and Pat.

img_0192.jpg (1137053 bytes)

Cats being cats ...

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