Miscellaneous Photos Unloaded from Digital Camera and iPhone (January 17, 2010)

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The photos on this page are a really eclectic collection.  It is the result of emptying the photos and videos from my camera and iPhone because so many had accumulated.

Theresa Whiting, a flight instructor I know, took an impressive trip across the United States to deliver an airplane to its new owner.  These are images of the article about her trip and the front page of the newspaper where it appeared (the article is also mentioned in the upper left corner of the front page).

This was a cute cartoon sent to me by Stan and Lynn (both skydivers).  They laugh at me because I have a fascination with skydiving, but I respect gravity too much to actually try it.

These are photos from Sally's skydive on June 6, 2009.

Some of the videos from Sally's skydive on June 6, 2009 are here.  These videos are also on YouTube:  search by sallyosborne2009.

Lucy being Lucy ...

dscn0933.jpg (5166120 bytes)

I took photos of the cages at the Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue to decide how to repair them.  Brazing proved to be a viable technique.  The round stock was spot-welded, so when the spot welds fail the round stock has already been pressed into plastic deformation so that there is a lot of surface area to support a brazed joint.

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At the Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue there were also donation collection banks to be painted ...

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I also have a video from the cat rescue here.

Phoebe (one of my cats) has developed a disorder called "overgrooming".  She cleans herself too aggressively and licks the fur off.  It seems to be for the most part a harmless disorder.

dscn0986.jpg (5075562 bytes) dscn0990.jpg (902925 bytes) dscn0991.jpg (941278 bytes)

Sue (my downstairs neighbor) encountered a corrosion problem on her minivan.  There are standard kits available to repair this type of corrosion on the shock tower.

dscn0992.jpg (910537 bytes) dscn0993.jpg (921265 bytes) dscn0994.jpg (926465 bytes)

These are photos from taking Fiona (Laurie's cat) to the airport to travel to Hawaii.

dscn1001.jpg (931560 bytes) dscn1003.jpg (911284 bytes) dscn1004.jpg (858658 bytes) dscn1005.jpg (853410 bytes)

These are photos from the Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue.  The last photo is Tiger making friends with another cat.

dscn1041.jpg (5124693 bytes) dscn1042.jpg (5190195 bytes) dscn1043.jpg (2830600 bytes) dscn1044.jpg (1928298 bytes) dscn1045.jpg (5170393 bytes) dscn1046.jpg (2054624 bytes) dscn1047.jpg (5055298 bytes) dscn1056.jpg (3121339 bytes) dscn1057.jpg (3747215 bytes) dscn1060.jpg (5086898 bytes) dscn1061.jpg (2624443 bytes) dscn1063.jpg (5133246 bytes) dscn1064.jpg (4728912 bytes) dscn1065.jpg (5147793 bytes) dscn1066.jpg (5132335 bytes)

I had a rather bad reaction to penicillin prescribed for a tooth infection.  I didn't know a drug reaction could do that.

dscn1067.jpg (4908019 bytes) dscn1068.jpg (4807535 bytes)

My mom in Marshall with my cats.

dscn1072.jpg (1742376 bytes) dscn1073.jpg (2019454 bytes) dscn1074.jpg (2092562 bytes) dscn1075.jpg (1475380 bytes) dscn1076.jpg (5127818 bytes) dscn1077.jpg (2435938 bytes)

Me in Marshall with my cats.

dscn1079.jpg (5035030 bytes) dscn1080.jpg (4525904 bytes) dscn1081.jpg (5039791 bytes) dscn1082.jpg (5110260 bytes)

Photos from the skydiving center in Florida.  The motorcycle was a rental Honda ST-1300.  I dropped it twice—a bit more motorcycle than I'm used to.

dscn1110.jpg (4984471 bytes) dscn1115.jpg (5068263 bytes) dscn1116.jpg (4868074 bytes) dscn1117.jpg (4838007 bytes) dscn1118.jpg (4843440 bytes) dscn1119.jpg (5117906 bytes)

Snow in Marshall.

img_0613.jpg (413921 bytes)

A humorous posting at work about the most memorable excuses for not coming to work.

img_0616.jpg (386588 bytes)

Tiger staring at my clock.  She hasn't learned to tell time, but one day she noticed that the clock was ticking once per second and she took an interest in it.  She has lost interest in it.

img_0642.jpg (350367 bytes)

Lucy's interpretation of what a backpack is for.

img_0622.jpg (319744 bytes)

A copy of Cosmopolitan magazine I noticed while waiting in line at the supermarket.  One of the articles was titled "Is he normal down there?".  I wasn't quite insecure enough on that day at that time to buy the magazine to figure out if I'm normal down there by the magazine's standards.

img_0643.jpg (349551 bytes) img_0644.jpg (380651 bytes)

Photos from a get-together at work.  I have no idea what or why.

img_0660.jpg (435257 bytes) img_0661.jpg (438371 bytes) img_0662.jpg (458628 bytes) img_0663.jpg (397811 bytes) img_0664.jpg (474938 bytes) img_0665.jpg (419119 bytes) img_0666.jpg (509575 bytes) img_0667.jpg (499567 bytes) img_0668.jpg (362454 bytes) img_0669.jpg (401207 bytes)

Cats lounging in the hallway.

img_0694.jpg (436752 bytes) img_0695.jpg (406653 bytes)

Cat prints on my motorcycle seat.

img_0709.jpg (430344 bytes) img_0710.jpg (437426 bytes)

More cats.

img_0711.jpg (405071 bytes) img_0712.jpg (425963 bytes)

A really cool custom license plate I saw.

img_0713.jpg (378748 bytes)

Fiona on my porch.  She would often meow at strangers walking by.  One day I found that someone had tossed a cat toy up on the porch for her.

img_0746.jpg (402966 bytes) img_0747.jpg (402380 bytes)

My experienced rider course.

img_0764.jpg (354241 bytes) img_0765.jpg (459162 bytes) img_0766.jpg (369120 bytes) img_0767.jpg (403552 bytes) img_0768.jpg (467781 bytes) img_0769.jpg (422384 bytes) img_0770.jpg (425264 bytes) img_0771.jpg (417178 bytes) img_0772.jpg (415212 bytes) img_0773.jpg (453904 bytes) img_0774.jpg (356479 bytes) img_0775.jpg (370278 bytes)

Fiona's version of what motorcycle apparel is for.

img_0777.jpg (449287 bytes) img_0778.jpg (396107 bytes)

The gal in front of me at Taco Bell was apparently a serious runner.  I know just enough to know what "26.2" means.

img_0780.jpg (352825 bytes)

A rather silly sign at the Marshall Biggby Coffee.

img_0781.jpg (394298 bytes)

A gentleman working hard restoring a plane at the airport.

img_0782.jpg (309106 bytes)

Cats ...

img_0784.jpg (309348 bytes) img_0785.jpg (377362 bytes) img_0786.jpg (427513 bytes) img_0789.jpg (358917 bytes) img_0797.jpg (477668 bytes)

My illegal TV antenna outside my apartment.  It consists of a 10-foot span of PVC pipe with a high-gain antenna at the top.

img_0798.jpg (595556 bytes) img_0799.jpg (452778 bytes)

The Marshall Soaring Club working on a mechanical issue with the glider.  Someone felt an irregularity with the controls, so they investigated it.  I know of course that light airplanes and sailplanes have simple mechanical controls, but it is still sobering to look at the actual mechanisms.  That mechanical system is all that separates you from death.

img_0803.jpg (357720 bytes) img_0804.jpg (375062 bytes) img_0805.jpg (352617 bytes) img_0807.jpg (310413 bytes) img_0808.jpg (363041 bytes) img_0809.jpg (382065 bytes) img_0810.jpg (384703 bytes) img_0811.jpg (371631 bytes) img_0812.jpg (369062 bytes) img_0814.jpg (349176 bytes) img_0815.jpg (348654 bytes)

The food pecking order when Fiona was staying with me.  It was understood by all that Fiona eats first.

img_0824.jpg (312339 bytes) img_0825.jpg (309492 bytes)

A mechanic came out one day to help start a vintage airplane at the airport.

img_0826.jpg (303007 bytes) img_0827.jpg (375753 bytes) img_0828.jpg (424351 bytes) img_0829.jpg (360003 bytes) img_0830.jpg (332128 bytes)

Fiona and a squirrel sizing each other up.  (The squirrel is above the air conditioner on the roof.)

img_0838.jpg (336626 bytes)

A rather expensive motorcycle at the Battle Creek Harley-Davidson dealership.  The gal in the yellow shirt is Sally.

img_0839.jpg (507137 bytes)

More cat photos ...

img_0841.jpg (436318 bytes) img_0842.jpg (452037 bytes) img_0843.jpg (390346 bytes)

Some sort of an outdoor festival.  I don't remember where or when, but the location may have been Galesburg, Michigan.

img_0845.jpg (787737 bytes) img_0846.jpg (851886 bytes) img_0847.jpg (784014 bytes) img_0848.jpg (802503 bytes) img_0849.jpg (818936 bytes)

Lynn and Stan at The Country Kitchen in Marshall, Michigan.

img_0858.jpg (1064193 bytes) img_0859.jpg (1187556 bytes) img_0860.jpg

Tiger's version of what clean laundry is for.

img_0894.jpg (1252223 bytes)

It is good to see that they are still selling quality movies at Walmart ...

img_0906.jpg (718285 bytes) img_0907.jpg (735131 bytes)

An interesting decorated truck spotted in Coldwater, Michigan ...

img_0916.jpg (1344603 bytes)

Tiger using the "self-serve" method for cat food.  They often do that.

img_0968.jpg (1516623 bytes)

Meal time ...

img_0978.jpg (1542370 bytes)

Winter in Michigan ...

img_0984.jpg (1425075 bytes) img_0985.jpg (1111984 bytes)

Photos from some sort of a work get-together. It may have been near Christmas, 2009.

img_0986.jpg (873962 bytes) img_0987.jpg (905901 bytes) img_0988.jpg (925793 bytes)

More Winter in Michigan ...

img_0991.jpg (1140914 bytes) img_0992.jpg (1211218 bytes)

Downtown Atlanta enroute to Florida, I think ...

img_0997.jpg (732649 bytes)

A cantilever billboard in Orlando.  I've never seen that design before.

img_1011.jpg (1127705 bytes)

The rented motorcycle in Florida.

img_1015.jpg (1227190 bytes)

Impressive signage at the drop zone.

img_1017.jpg (1238165 bytes) img_1018.jpg (1273665 bytes) img_1019.jpg (1155560 bytes)

I also have more drop zone videos here.

Artwork in the restroom of one of the truck stops on the way home via Greyhound.

img_1022.jpg (784492 bytes)

Photos from the Greyound bus trip back.  The gentleman is a passenger I met from Romania—it was interesting to chat.

img_1026.jpg (1149008 bytes) img_1027.jpg (1015423 bytes) img_1028.jpg (831737 bytes) img_1029.jpg (1320502 bytes)

Injuries from me dropping the Honda ST-1300 twice.

img_1030.jpg (1351919 bytes) img_1031.jpg (1336920 bytes) img_1032.jpg (1263403 bytes) img_1033.jpg (1358639 bytes)

Window installers installing new windows in my apartment.

img_1036.jpg (607556 bytes) img_1037.jpg (651916 bytes)

More photos from the Mid-Michgan Cat Rescue.

img_1041.jpg (1530116 bytes) img_1042.jpg (1294551 bytes) img_1044.jpg (1500055 bytes)

A cute sign at the Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue.

img_1045.jpg (1336240 bytes)

Phoebe now sleeps on the upper shelf of my closet.

img_1052.jpg (1231881 bytes)

Alice relaxing while keeping an eye on what I'm doing.  Notice that her eye is partially open.

img_1053.jpg (1407468 bytes)

Tiger's version of what a laptop computer case is for.

img_1061.jpg (1399756 bytes)

I also have more cat videos here.

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