Miscellaneous Photos Unloaded from Digital Camera  (September 26, 2008)

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Alice and Lucy living the cat life ...

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I also have several movies of the cats here.

Pat and Speedy in Orlando ...

dscn_509.jpg (1991017 bytes)

The Suzuki Katana.  These were pictures I took to put it on Craig's List.

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At the Red Bull Air Races.

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Mom's 75th birthday party ...

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I also have several movies from mom's 75th birthday party here.

Skydiving ...

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I also have one or more movies (date unknown) here.

Photos from diagnosing an electrical problem on my motorcycle ...

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Laurie took a glider ride ...

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I also have one or more movies from Laurie's glider ride here.

I have one or more movies of the snow in Michigan (date unknown) here.

I have one or more movies of Grand Theft Auto IV (date unknown) here.

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