Photos of Brooks Field and my Motorcycle  (November 23, 2007)

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Photos from a meeting at the airport on May 12, 2007.

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There is also a movie of Theresa speaking at the meeting (12 megabytes).

On June 1, 2007, Stan Lathrop of Skydive Michigan conducted a tandem jump, and I snapped a few photos.  One of the amazing things about Stan's business is that I've never seen a tandem jumper without a smile about a mile wide as they came down.

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Lucy being Lucy ...

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I purchased a camera mount for my motorcycle and took several movies.  The movies are linked to from the table below.

Ordinal Index Link File Size Description
#1 98M Ride from my apartment complex until near the airport.  I went around the Marshall circle more than necessary for fun.
#2 70M Ride around the Marshall airport.
#3 63M From the airport S. on Old 27 to near the Shell station.
#4 12M From near the Shell station and towards I-69.
#5 73M The freeway ride N. on I-69 back to Marshall.
#6 31M From I-69 to the Beaner's coffee shop.  Includes a guest appearance by me.
#7 48M From the Beaner's coffee shop to a side street where I adjusted the camera mount (which had come loose).
#8 18M From a side street back to near Michigan Ave.
#9 72M From Michigan Ave. near the Beaner's coffee shop back to the parking spot in my apartment complex.

Photos of my motorcycle as I work to repair some cosmetic damage I did to it.  As a product, the thing is amazing—there is a lot of wire and complexity in a small package.

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There was a fascinating article in USA Today about the woman who has accumulated the most flight hours of any woman in the U.S.

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Being the novice rider that I am, I low-sided the bike again while zooming around in a parking lot (wet, oily asphalt).  The photos below are of the damaged peg hardware and my damaged knee.  My observation is that falling hurts.  Despite wearing proper protective gear, meeting the pavement hurts.  My shoulder and ribs still hurt, and after about two weeks (as of this writing), I've healed up enough that the pain doesn't interfere with sleep.

Two of the photos are of the new peg and the 3 rubber bands that go on it, both before and after installation of the bands.  My first time doing this, I was at my kitchen sink with liquid dish soap sliding the bands on (which worked).  My second time (this time), I forced the bands on dry.  Either way, it is a lot of work.

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I also have a movie of Alice helping with the motorcycle parts (11 megabytes).

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