Miscellaneous Photos Unloaded from iPhone  (October 27, 2007)

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Members of the Marshall Soaring Club during a hard day of soaring and unwinding after a hard day of soaring.

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Me playing with my iPhone.  I'm clearly not easily confused with Brad Pitt.

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Eddie (one of the towplane pilots), with (in some of the photos) John.

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Alice, a stray cat that adopted me.  Alice eats pizza (which surprised me).

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Lucy ...

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Lucy occasionally chases, catches, and eats flies.  I can only assume they taste good (to her), as she puts a lot of effort into it.

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Photos from a get-together for the students of the MSF riding course I took ...

(By the way, in searching for motorcycle training, I found that there is considerable variation in the instructor/student ratio and in the amount of time instructors are willing to spend accommodating the strengths and weaknesses of individual students.  The best instruction I found was at Michigan's Safest Riders.)

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One of my favorite instructional props from the MSF course was a helmet marked up with zones and what percentage of crashes involve that zone of the helmet.  It demonstrates the safety advantages of full-face helmets over other styles.

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One of the aircraft that was a permanent repair project at Brooks Field was sold to a salvage company for under $10,000.  It was chopped up and put on a trailer to be transported to another state and sold for parts.

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Mitch and another gentleman in the Brooks Field FBO office.

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Sweetie ...

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Soaring ...

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When I was having my motorcycle repaired in Coldwater, they made it very clear that they would accept my motorcycle as a trade-in and sell me something bigger.  Oh, the temptation ...

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