Winner of the Brooks Field Aircraft Fuel Pump Proximity Parking Contest (and Other Photos and Movies)  (April 20, 2007)

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Lucy being Lucy ...

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Assembling my new television stand ... a lot of compexity there ... and the result is a very breakable piece of furniture that can't really be moved ...

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Pat (in Orlando) with Speedy.  Speedy eats, quite inappropriately, Mighty Dog dog food.

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My new toy electric helicopter.  I've crashed it at least 20 times ... it was $190 of helicopter followed by $190 of replacement parts ...

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Mom brushing Sweetie in Allen Park ...

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Sweetie has a couple of favorite DVDs (for cats) to watch.  These photos are of Sweetie pawing at the television trying to interact with the characters (birds, rodents, fish, etc.) in the DVD.

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These are movies of Sweetie interacting with the television ...

Photos of an aircraft accident at RMY (Brooks Field, Marshall, Michigan) where a plane was hand-propped and got away from the owner (who was outside the plane) due to too great a throttle setting.  The plane apparently did several circles out of control on the pavement, then a wing tip struck the ground and it did circles of a different diameter, then finally it destroyed the fuel metering equipment and was stopped by collapse of the landing gear and by a telephone pole.  Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured.

Some of the photos below show the tire marks on the pavement where the airplane was going around in circles.

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The City of Marshall is now placing secret messages on police cars.  The photo below shows the words Lice Shall, which is clearly a coded directive to secret operatives.  My investigation into this weighty matter is ongoing.

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A powered parachute at Marshall ...

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