Photos from All Over (and Movies of Lucy)  (December 15, 2006)

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As I was cleaning and tossing out old junk, I rediscovered my French train pass from a few years ago.

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Mom, reading what appears to be the Walgreens flyer.

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Mom's house, including her new carport.  The fabrication technology of the carport is interesting ... including the fact that nearly all of it is aluminum and therefore corrosion resistant.

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Our major project one weekend was cleaning out Mom's garage.  One of the photos below shows the things we had hauled out to the street for garbage pickup.

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Lucy, atop her 3-story cat condo (her favorite napping spot).

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I finally ran out of hard disk space on my computer, so it was computer surgery time.  I upgraded to a 250 GB hard drive (from a 120 GB hard drive).

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I discovered a great product (the DVD Video Catnip) at Pet AVision, and I have some great movies (linked to below) of my cat Lucy watching the DVD.  I was amazed at how focused a cat can be when the television is showing something of interest to the cat.  If you'd like to download and/or save the videos below, right-click on the link and choose Save Target As ... (or similar text, depending on your browser and version).

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