Photos from Dan's Going-Away Party and All Over  (November 12, 2006)

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This is Lucy commandeering my bed ...

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This is me in the Skydive Michigan office.  It appears I'm expecting a child ... time for less food and more exercise.

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Skydive Michigan is selling a plane.  These are photos I took for an online ad.

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Photos from Dan's going-away party.  The cake was a masterpiece.  The photo of the back of someone's head was a gag photo (i.e. there is no special meaning there).

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Lucy commandeering my chair.  Cats are good at that.

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Lucy versus the humidifier.  Lucy seems to have a strange relationship with my humidifier ... the device makes some gurgling sounds ... and from time to time Lucy seems to ponder the question of whether it might be alive.

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