Photos from All Over  (June 18, 2006)

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While cleaning my apartment, I came across this piece of paper from when I went to the wrong Coleville in France a few years ago.  I walked into a rural tavern with about 10 people in it (none of whom spoke English) and indicated what I was looking for.  A gentleman in the tavern drew a mini-map and indicated that there are two Colevilles, and that I was at the wrong one.  Fortunately, French and English have enough of a common basis that words like tourist and Normandy were recognizeable when written.  Looking back on this, I should have bought everyone in the tavern a drink, but I was too distracted at the time ...

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During Winter testing in 2006, I received (or brought with me; can't remember which) some birthday cards that arrived near my 43rd birthday.  These photos are of the cards and my hotel room in Sault Ste. Marie.

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Brian, one of my colleagues ...

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Brian decided to ... um ... write ... his name in the snow.

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My laser printer has served me well since approximately 1992.  However, after several tens of thousands of pages, it needed a roller replacement kit.  These photos are of the installation of the kit.  It was major printer surgery.

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This is Lucy giving the official sign of approval to Applebee's carryout.

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Andrea and Howard, during their visit.  They did enjoy Marshall, especially shopping for antiques.

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This is Lucy, in one of her odd sleeping positions.

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Screen photos from my TV, showing the best actor of all time in the best movie of all time ...

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Planning for the trip up to Sault Ste. Marie (probably the next group of photos that will be uploaded).

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