Photos from near Christmas, 2005  (December 31, 2005)

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This is my mom and Sweetie ...

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Sweetie ...

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On the Southwest flight from St. Louis to Orlando, the crew had taped Christmas lights to the ceiling.  It was kind of cute.

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Another picture from the flight.  The thingamabobs on the ends of the wings are interesting—I have no idea what aerodynamic function they serve.

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Dad, Pat, and Speedy ...

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Dad and Pat had an old television (manufactured in 1990) where the buttons had become detached and fallen off.  It took on the flavor of a child's puzzle—only certain buttons would fit in certain holes.  Only dad fully understood the child's puzzle—he was the only one who could change the television to any channel at will.

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I decided to go flying while in Orlando.  I thought it would be a piece of cake.  Wrong!  The Orlando Executive Airport is under the Class B shelf of MCO, and even getting clearance to climb out is a hassle.  I would get used to that arrangement in time, but it would take another flight or two.  The flight instructor who took me for a ride is Brent of Air Orlando (photos below).

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An interesting set of bumper stickers on a Florida vehicle ...

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The Gatorland Zoo in Kissimmee ... this was always my favorite place near Orlando.  Something about the reptilian simplicity of life is appealing—if it can't eat me, I'll eat it!

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The replacement TV and DVD/VCR.  Both units even have remote controls ... so the child's puzzle element of TV viewing is gone.

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Dad, Pat, Speedy, and me.  Note that in one of the photos, Pat is surfing the internet.

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