Photos from All Over  (January 23, 2005)

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A photo from flying ...

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My grandmother and mother ...

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My mom has a crypt picked out for herself.  These are pictures of the complex containing the crypt.

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I believe this is Sweetie and Dino making friends ...

pic_0566.jpg (670141 bytes) pic_0567.jpg (662289 bytes)

Sweetie exploring my closet.  I find it amazing how often she looks up ... looking for someplace yet higher to climb.

pic_0569.jpg (373736 bytes) pic_0570.jpg (473817 bytes)

My mom in a hotel room.  I'm not sure why or where.

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I have no idea what these pictures are ...

pic_0574.jpg (681679 bytes) pic_0575.jpg (638754 bytes)

Sweetie while visiting here in Marshall.  She loves to explore in the ceiling.

pic_0577.jpg (632414 bytes) pic_0578.jpg (588178 bytes) pic_0582.jpg (627019 bytes) pic_0582.jpg (627019 bytes)

Aerial photos.  I believe that two of the photos are Brooks Field from the air, and two of the photos are Battle Creek (Kellogg) from the air.

pic_0598.jpg (529085 bytes) pic_0599.jpg (654129 bytes) pic_0600.jpg (574850 bytes) pic_0601.jpg (702268 bytes) pic_0603.jpg (650827 bytes)

Marshall in the Winter ...

pic_0607.jpg (689497 bytes) pic_0608.jpg (676424 bytes) pic_0609.jpg (684197 bytes) pic_0610.jpg (663327 bytes) pic_0611.jpg (677284 bytes) pic_0612.jpg (669256 bytes) pic_0613.jpg (668227 bytes) pic_0614.jpg (698314 bytes) pic_0615.jpg (719946 bytes)

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