Photos from All Over  (December 12, 2004)

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This set of pictures is a testament to the fact that digital cameras that hold hundreds of pictures are evil ... I'm not sure where all these pictures came from ... I suspect that with some of the pictures, I was simply playing with the camera (new at the time).

The great Allen Park flood in May, 2004.  This park flooded my mom's basement and my safe.  Lots of important papers and three firearms were submerged.

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Me getting set up in my apartment.  Christopher Walken is one of my favorite actors ... I assume that this shot comes from an episode of SNL ...

pic_0146.jpg (677779 bytes)

Probably my first meal in Marshall ...

pic_0148.jpg (634965 bytes)

My fridge.  Notice that ALCOHOL COMES FIRST!

pic_0149.jpg (694406 bytes)

My original desk at home ...

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As I mentioned above, three firearms were potentially submerged for several days in Allen Park.  This is my kitchen with all three disassembled for cleaning.  Surprisingly, the Glock did the worst of the three (corrosion on the frame rails, and the disconnector and related parts were ruined and had to be replaced).  The Smith & Wesson, containing many chrome-plated steel parts, had no corrosion anywhere.

In fairness to Glock, I should point out that this is not necessarily a fair comparison.  The pistols may have been in different places within my safe (it is possible that the Glock was submerged but the other two were not).

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The City of Marshall.  Somewhere in there is my old 1992 F-150, which was my favorite truck.  I think when my Ranger wears out—if we're not all driving hydrogen-powered spaceships by then—I'll get another F-150.

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Photos of Brooks Field ...

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My apartment ...

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Shots from The Allen Park Bar, with drunk people singing and taking pictures of other drunk people's butts ...

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Photo of the instrument panel of an airplane at Brooks Field ... as a student, all of those dials and gauges are impressive ... but as a pilot, you just wish they would all go away except for airspeed and altitude.

pic_0235.jpg (609009 bytes)

These may be pictures from my solo time as a student.

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Minka, now deceased ...

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Mom, hiding from the camera ...

pic_0270.jpg (603721 bytes)

Sweetie ...

pic_0271.jpg (677908 bytes) pic_0272.jpg (640143 bytes)

Weather information, possibly for one of the many hurricanes in Florida ...

pic_0273.jpg (652223 bytes) pic_0274.jpg (725491 bytes)

Shots from the Marshall Aviation Center ...

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Shots from the countryside.  I have no idea where or why ...

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Bill Ross took me up for a glider ride.  These are photos from that day ...

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The E6-B, a classic flight computer (otherwise known as a circular slide rule with a wind calculator on the back).  Too bad that as a pilot you just get in the air and turn into the wind until the GPS says you're flying the course you want.

pic_0360.jpg (167593 bytes) pic_0362.jpg (175844 bytes)

A much younger Lucy ...

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I also have a movie of Lucy playing, which is here (about 5M).

More shots of Lucy, including her fine job on my can of Dust-Off ...

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More pictures from flying, flight training, Lucy, preparing for my PPL checkride, and a Florida hurricane ... also, just in case I lost my logbook, I photographed it with my digital camera ...

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More shots of Lucy ...

pic_0481.jpg (707154 bytes) pic_0481.jpg (707154 bytes) pic_0482.jpg (687572 bytes)

... and my solo shirt ... and more Lucy ...

pic_0483.jpg (725724 bytes) pic_0485.jpg (761531 bytes)

There are these funny people at Marshall who jump out of airplanes suspended by spaghetti.  These are pictures of the spaghetti people ... in one of the photos below, it looks like blue sky ... but if you view it at its full resolution you can see two parachutes at a respectable altitude ...

pic_0486.jpg (656595 bytes) pic_0487.jpg (681946 bytes) pic_0488.jpg (629317 bytes) pic_0489.jpg (679175 bytes) pic_0490.jpg (626619 bytes) pic_0491.jpg (639858 bytes) pic_0492.jpg (644090 bytes) pic_0493.jpg (668627 bytes) pic_0494.jpg (583998 bytes) pic_0493.jpg (668627 bytes) pic_0494.jpg (583998 bytes) pic_0495.jpg (648377 bytes) pic_0496.jpg (622285 bytes) pic_0497.jpg (621872 bytes) pic_0499.jpg (609528 bytes) pic_0500.jpg (679770 bytes) pic_0501.jpg (684776 bytes) pic_0502.jpg (681124 bytes) pic_0503.jpg (686052 bytes)

More pictures of Lucy.  One day, Lucy decided to "dig" all the cat food out of the feeder.  She hasn't done that since (thankfully).

pic_0505.jpg (694518 bytes) pic_0506.jpg (651854 bytes)

Sweetie with her cast after surgery.  I was surprised to find out that her pigmentation goes all the way into the skin (but, I'd have no way to know this, because I've never shaved a cat).

pic_0509.jpg (690255 bytes) pic_0510.jpg (674446 bytes) pic_0511.jpg (693202 bytes)

This is an old project I did somewhere in the process of getting my BSEE.  I photographed it because the steel plate was used for another load board (on my desk at work).  Amazing what a welder and some spray paint can do.

pic_0512.jpg (721030 bytes) pic_0513.jpg (720404 bytes) pic_0515.jpg (738753 bytes)

More flying pictures ...

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Preparing for my PPL checkride ... the important elements are Pepcid AC (due to coffee ingestion) and Chinese carry-out.

pic_0539.jpg (671869 bytes)

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