Photos from Ann Arbor, Orlando, Coldwater, and Marshall  (June 30, 2004)

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These are some photos that Andrea took of me at her house in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I look nearly respectable.

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I spent time with my dad and Pat in Orlando.  Dad and Pat have a dog (Speedy) that is absolutely neurotic.  Speedy seems like the canine soulmate of my cat Lucy.

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Dad's living room, and Speedy.

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While in Orlando I went on a discovery flight.  The flight instructor's name is Matt.

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Pictures from my dad's wall, including some early pictures of me.

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Dad in the kitchen ...

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More neurotic little dogs, this time belonging to the next-door neighbor.

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Dad's neighborhood in Orlando.

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When I moved to the I-69/I-94 area, I narrowed down my relocation choices to either Coldwater or Marshall.  Part of that process was just driving around and looking at the area.  During this process, I found some unusual scarecrows in Coldwater (in fact, they were so scary that they scared me clean to Marshall).

In all seriousness, the reason I chose Marshall is that it had an airport and flight instruction.  The scarecrows weren't that scary.

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My earliest living arrangement in Marshall.  The air mattress has since been totaled.  Lucy (my cat, but a kitten at that time) figured out that the mattress made cool sounds when she sunk her claws into it.  It probably has 100 claw-pricks, and it won't hold air for long.

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