Photos from All Over  (March 28, 2004)

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Sweetie, evidently sleepy.

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Photos of N13239.  The first flying lessons I took were with Mr. Mack Goodwin in Royal Oak, and N13239 is his plane.  Mack is memorable in a few ways.

First, he would sometimes make the joke "I need to teach you how to land first.  I'm 72, and I could keel over at any time.".  That was very memorable humor (probably funnier for Mack than for a student with a fear of flying).

Second, part of the pre-flight with Mack was to load up his minivan with 5-gallon gasoline cans and go to the local Meijer to buy automobile gas, then to help Mack fill his plane.  Mack refused to pay the extra $1/gallon for aviation gas (and his engine was certified for auto gas).

Third, Mack once said "There is nothing to landing.  You just hold the plane off the runway until it won't fly any more, and correct for crosswind with bank angle.".  To a student, that doesn't seem to be true (landing is pure terror).  But, now that I've done it a bit more, Mack was right.

Regrettably, there are no pictures of Mack below ...

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After I returned from France, I sold my French books, CD's, and maps.  This was probably the picture I used on eBay.

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My mom, Sweetie, Minka, and Minka's sling.

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Flying with Guillaume Deschar (an engineer from France).  The airport runway shown is probably Willow Run.

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