Photos from France and Germany  (February 29, 2004)

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These photos were unloaded from my camera on February 29, 2004.

Comments were added nearly two years after the fact.  Very likely, my comments are dated are somewhat inaccurate.

I do remember that I took a road trip to Germany for the sole purpose of picking up some Kinderueberaschungseie (Child's Surprise Eggs).  The photos below are from the road trip to Germany.  I also remember that I went to visit the beaches of Normandy, although I can't remember whether it was the same or a different trip.  I remember that I walked into a rural bar one evening, and a patron in the bar explained to me that there were two Collevilles in France, and I had gone to the wrong one.

These are pictures from my road trip to Germany.

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In Germany, I stayed at a gasthaus.  Because I wanted to save money, I packed all my things and briefly left the hotel in France (hence the photos below of the mess as I repacked).  I remember that the hotel owners helped me quite a bit in finding the eggs.  Once they found out I was looking for a couple hundred of them, they called around and found the best price.  I remember that the hotel maintenance man drove me to the store to show me where it was.

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Exterior pictures of the gasthaus.

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On the road again, but can't remember to probably to the wrong town in France ...

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As you can see in the photo below, my handheld GPS was my good friend ...

Germany and France are right adjacent to each other, and it is funny to see the border consisting of a blue sign.

On the road again ...

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On the highway in France, there were odd objects.  I really couldn't figure out what they were.  I'm guessing some kind of art ...

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On the road again ...

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If my memory serves me correctly, I drove for a while beyond the rural area below, and at around sunset I stopped in a rural bar with less than 10 people in it.  Nobody spoken English, but one of the gentlemen explained to me that I had gone to the wrong town in France to see the beaches of Normandie. 

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Me doing a self-pic alongside the road.

 dcp_3252.jpg (162374 bytes)

France is funny because "roundabouts" are the normal intersection.  This is a typical sign showing where each branch of the upcoming roundabout leads.

dcp_3253.jpg (156282 bytes)

This is the hotel where I stayed after I discovered that I had gone to the wrong down in France.  The hotel was a modular building ... interesting construction.

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The lock of the hotel had no key.  They would just give you a number when you checked in.

dcp_3263.jpg (218705 bytes)

The view out the window from the hotel.  It was in an industrial area.

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Me plugging in my cellphone to charge.

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More views out the window.

dcp_3276.jpg (289789 bytes) dcp_3277.jpg (263748 bytes)

Me doing a self-picture in the hallway.

dcp_3278.jpg (265480 bytes) dcp_3279.jpg (265497 bytes)

This is a picture of the map with both places in France (the wrong and the right) circled.  I don't know which was which.

dcp_3280.jpg (264130 bytes)

The exterior of the hotel.

dcp_3282.jpg (208626 bytes) dcp_3283.jpg (206025 bytes)

On the road again ... this time to the correct place in France.

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I did cross two very impressive bridges in France.  These are the photos.

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On the road again ...

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I did finally arrive at the cemetery at the site of the Normandy invasion ...

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It was quite sobering to visit the cemetery.  About 10,000 Americans died on the beaches in a short period of time.  It was sobering also to look at the tombstones and the ages of the young men who died.  Most were in the 18-21 year-old age range.  It was quite sad.  My second observation about the cemetery is that 10,000 is a huge number.  I have never seen so many tombstones in one place.

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The cemetery included a lot of historical information about what occurred ...

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This was a typical tombstone, both for a person identified and for a person not identified.

 dcp_3348.jpg (289297 bytes) dcp_3349.jpg (281327 bytes) dcp_3350.jpg (296180 bytes)

More historical information ...

dcp_3351.jpg (247281 bytes) dcp_3352.jpg (274735 bytes) dcp_3353.jpg (296472 bytes)

Down to the beach itself ...

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It was sad to see so many tombstones in one place, most belonging to very young men ...

dcp_3377.jpg (203526 bytes) dcp_3378.jpg (219349 bytes) dcp_3379.jpg (311028 bytes)

I remember wondering if the flowers were left by a relative ... perhaps a child or grandchild of the person killed.

dcp_3380.jpg (212244 bytes) dcp_3381.jpg (309215 bytes)

A large, large number of tombstones ...

dcp_3382.jpg (189460 bytes) dcp_3383.jpg (202880 bytes) dcp_3384.jpg (211902 bytes) dcp_3385.jpg (154433 bytes) dcp_3386.jpg (322719 bytes) dcp_3387.jpg (313447 bytes) dcp_3388.jpg (272214 bytes) dcp_3389.jpg (183697 bytes) dcp_3390.jpg (304464 bytes) dcp_3391.jpg (281252 bytes) dcp_3392.jpg (242439 bytes) dcp_3393.jpg (184414 bytes)

Venturing out to the surrounding area ...

dcp_3394.jpg (167350 bytes) dcp_3396.jpg (233536 bytes)

This is the remains of a German machine-gun emplacement ...

dcp_3397.jpg (374520 bytes) dcp_3398.jpg (242453 bytes)

More historical information and markers ...

dcp_3399.jpg (110683 bytes) dcp_3400.jpg (168913 bytes) dcp_3401.jpg (311830 bytes) dcp_3402.jpg (177324 bytes) dcp_3403.jpg (224559 bytes) 

Cows, sheltering themselves from the wind (it was a very cold, windy day when I visited).

dcp_3404.jpg (253005 bytes)

The surrounding area ...

dcp_3405.jpg (441217 bytes) dcp_3408.jpg (144702 bytes) dcp_3412.jpg (161317 bytes) dcp_3413.jpg (150774 bytes) 

This marker actually identifies Omaha Beach ...

dcp_3414.jpg (151851 bytes) dcp_3415.jpg (146654 bytes) dcp_3417.jpg (182446 bytes) 

More of the surrounding area.  My recollection is that I was there on a Sunday, so the museums were closed.

dcp_3418.jpg (198615 bytes) dcp_3419.jpg (258623 bytes) dcp_3421.jpg (183680 bytes)

On the road again back to Paris ...

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