Photos from Paris, France, Unloaded From Camera February 5, 2004  (February 5, 2004)

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These are photos of cat food from the small store near the train station.  The owner of the store looked at me like I was a nut case, and made a [presumably snide] comment in French.  My response was "Tourist, no French", which sent him packing.  I like the way they have digitally altered the cat's face--kind of cute.

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Photos from near the Cergy-St. Christophe train station.

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The bakery near the train station.  Since I speak no French and the bakery employees speak no English, we kind of worked out a system.  I point to what I want, signal quantity with fingers, and hold out a handful of Euro coins so they can take what they want.  The system seemed to amuse the other customers, but it worked.

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For 080, I could get a big loaf of bread.  Look at the size of that thing!  You'd think it was a sword!

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Photos at the Cergy-St. Christophe RER station.  Today's destination will be The Real McCoy Company, which specializes in American foods.  I need Oreo cookies!

A cute senior citizen discount poster at the station.

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The station itself, and maps ...

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Today's destination is St. Lazare.  I can't remember why we're going there.

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A cool poster on the train advising one that you've gotta buy tickets for the train.

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The inside of RoboToilet, plus other pictures.  These devices were my favorite device in France.

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Cergy-Le Haut ...

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Notice that RoboToilet is watching over the city, controlling it ...

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Another warning poster on the train ...

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More train and train station photos.  Gordon is featured prominently.

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Ah, yes, now I remember where we were going.  We were going to The Real McCoy, a food store that caters to displaced Americans living in Paris.

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Here we are at The Real McCoy.  The prices are outrageous (I paid something approaching $10 for a bag of Oreo cookies), but worth it ...

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Afterwards, Gordon and I had a coffee ...

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This is some babe that Gordon had the hots for ... he asked me to take pictures covertly ...

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A condom machine and me pretending to make a purchase.  Actually, commuters passed by me posing and Gordon taking a picture and found it quite amusing.

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A man and his dogs at the train station ...

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More Paris photos ...

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A RoboToilet watching over the city ...

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A model of motorcycle popular in Paris.  It has a restraint system built in.  A very odd bike.

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Sign from an underground parking garage.

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More Paris photos ...

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We found the Starbuck's coffee in Paris ...

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Movie posters, train station photos, etc.

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McDonald's serves breakfast, of a sort ...

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At a mall ...

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Yes, Photo Hunt!

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Seeking out alternate hotels ... don't know why I took a picture of the fire hydrant.

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