Trip To Frankenmuth, Michigan  (August 23-24, 2003)

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These are pictures of Bronner's, a store that in my opinion redefines kitsch.

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Devrim in the play area of the hotel in Frankenmuth.  The gator would go around and entertain the children.

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Outside the hotel ...

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On the covered bridge ...

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Near the Cheese Haus, another redefinition of kitsch ...

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In a cool little shop we found with old arcade games and amusement machines ...

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The Glockenspiel, at night.  (As an aside, I don't know what Glockenspiel means in German, but in Detroit it probably means a shootout involving the police ...)

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The covered bridge again ...

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Sneak photo attack on Devrim in the shower ...

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Historical plaques ...

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The Glockenspiel during the day, reenacting the story of The Pied Piper.  Also included are two macro photos of the back of Devrim's head ...

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... on the way back, we went to Cabela's, the premier store for those who like to do outdoorsey things ...

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Daddy, daddy, look at all the animals!

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Devrim really liked this chair.  Unfortunately, it was priced over $1,000.

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