Horseback Riding Pictures  (June 20, 2003)

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These are pictures of Sweetie and Buster (note: we had misread the gender of the kitten, and Buster was later renamed to Minka), who are absolute models of cuteness ...

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Devrim and I went horseback riding at a riding stable in White Lake, Michigan.  There were a few farm cats at the stable, and the picture below is Devrim petting one of them.  I think these cats had the ideal life:  free to climb trees, chase birds and mice, etc.  The only downside would seem to be fleas ...

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These are other riders returning from a ride ...

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This is Devrim right after she got on her second horse, Scout.  Her first horse, Rosie, was fatigued and wanted to go back to the barn.  As an aside, I wonder how they choose horse names ... Scout would seem to be a suitable name for a horse but not for a dog or a cat ... it seems there could be some interesting psychology there in what subsets of names people prefer for what kinds of animals ...

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This is our guide, Janet.  (Sorry for the rear view, Janet.)

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Devrim rode behind me for nearly all of the time.  These pictures were for the most part taken on the move, sometimes by pointing the camera backwards over my shoulder.  Some of the pictures are quite poor, and in fact in one of them I missed the trail altogether ...

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After the ride Devrim and I went to pet the horses in a corral.  They really seemed to have great personalities.  Off to the right in the photo below, one can see a foal watching us.  The foal was very shy, which kind of surprised me, because sometimes young animals are bigger risktakers than older animals.

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