Photos of the Great Engineering Snowman  (December 29, 2002)

(Click on any of the thumbnails below to view the full-sized photo.)

The Great Engineering Snowman was constructed on December 29, 2002 by Devrim and Dave.  Because the snow was melting anyway, I estimate his weight at 300 lbs.--this was the densest snowman I've built.  Devrim doesn't have snow in her area of Turkey, so she has never built a snowman.  It was a new experience for her.

Below are pictures of Devrim, Dave, the Great Engineering Snowman, and a bodyless child.

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These are closeups of the face.  The eyes and mouth are leaves, and the nose is a modified Starbuck's coffee cup.

dcp01923.jpg (215250 bytes) dcp01924.jpg (253168 bytes)

The abdominal decoration was done by Devrim using pistachio shells ...

dcp01925.jpg (155218 bytes)

Viewed from the right, it looks more female, because of the shape of the right eye ...

dcp01926.jpg (220718 bytes)

Not too far from the snowman is one of the WSU kiosks.  Unfortunately, some vandal has done a little magic marker art on the kiosks and on one of the street signs ...

dcp01927.jpg (119451 bytes) dcp01928.jpg (174921 bytes) dcp01929.jpg (146718 bytes)

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