Photos from Grandmother's 90th Birthday  (November 26, 2002)

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Grandma reached 90, which is quite an accomplishment.

Here are the family sitting in Grandma's living room.  In order from left to right: Grandma, Pat, Sylvia, Marilyn.

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Here is Pat being a clown ...

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Mom, Sylvia, Grandma, and Pat together.

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... and with me ...

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Grandma's birthday cake ... 90 candles seems impractical, so the cake is bare ...

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Grandma ... the view on the TV is her front lobby ... she makes the joke that this is the only TV she watches ...

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Mom and Grandma ...

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Grandma's neighbor bringing her some food ...

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... an unexpected Federal Express shipment of chocolate goodies ...

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Mom, Sylvia, and a birthday bouquet.

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