Photos from Mom's 50th High School Reunion  (July 20, 2001)

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On July 20, 2001, my mom had her 50th high-school reunion.  This is the last scheduled reunion.  Wow!  50 years out of high school!  The pictures below are digital pictures from a digital camera.

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The pictures below are scanned from a film camera.  

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Some of the pictures are not related to the high-school reunion, as they were on the roll of film before I took pictures of the reunion.  I'm not sure where to file these pictures, so I'll put them here ... here is some stuff in my apartment that I probably photographed for insurance purposes.


Here is a visit from Ann, George, and Margaret.

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Here is my mom using my Ibico machine.

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Here are pictures from a carpet cleaning.  They are, in order, me spotting the carpet, the "before" picture, and the "after" picture.

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Finally, here is the prototypical "ain't it rough in this neighborhood" picture--a plant chained down.

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