Photos from Trip Back from Tulsa, Oklahoma  (June 26, 2001)

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In April I took my mom shooting for the very first time ever (she is 67).  She did really well.  She now wants to join the NRA and the Michigan Militia.

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In June I flew to Tulsa to drive back to Detroit with my mom.  I decided to shave my beard.  Here are the "before" pictures.

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Here is the "after" picture.

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I've never seen a Taco Bueno before ... it seems to be a competitor of Taco Bell ...

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In downtown Tulsa we found a "Detroit" street.

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Pictures from the drive ...

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A little tourist trap, can't remember the name ...

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More pics from the drive ...

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In Hendersonville TN we stopped at the headquarters of the Trinity Broadcasting Network ...

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Mom got stuck in the gift shop ...

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We stayed in a hotel called the Hendersonville Inn.

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The lobby of the Hendersonville Inn was filled with photos of country and western singers.  However, somewhat mysteriously, there was also a photo of Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North.  I inquired with the innkeeper what the picture of Ollie was doing mixed in with country and western singers.  The innkeeper--who seemed to be Indian--indicated that they had purchased the hotel a year or so back and all of the photos came with it from the previous owner.  I was apparently the first person who pointed out the Oliver North was not a country and western singer.

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Mom in the hotel ...

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Cool slogans on semis ...

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A family friend in Crossville, TN (Earlene) ...

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A family friend in Cincinnati (Songhay) ...

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