Photos from Indianapolis with Susi  (November 20, 2000)

(Click on any of the thumbnails below to view the full-sized photo.)

DCP00886.JPG (307444 bytes)Susi has a wonderful cat (Nikki), and any piece of food is adequate incentive to get him to beg.

DCP00887.JPG (324038 bytes)

DCP00888.JPG (390124 bytes)Susi had purchased a waffle-maker, and in the first creations, she didn't use enough batter, ....

DCP00890.JPG (223280 bytes)... ah !!!! ... its alive!

DCP00891.JPG (277556 bytes)Susi in her kitchen.

DCP00892.JPG (193577 bytes)The Eiteljorg Museum (of early western and Indian culture).  We went there, it was great.

DCP00893.JPG (243408 bytes)

DCP00894.JPG (304599 bytes)Susi outside the museum.

DCP00895.JPG (446525 bytes)Nikki.

DCP00896.JPG (280170 bytes)Susi's living room and the door to her balcony.

DCP00897.JPG (377746 bytes)Susi playing her favorite game, solitaire.

DCP00898.JPG (424075 bytes)

DCP00902.JPG (361515 bytes)Susi unpacking and setting up her scanner.

DCP00903.JPG (372078 bytes)

DCP00904.JPG (353804 bytes)

DCP00905.JPG (230441 bytes)Susi's TV, which used to be my TV.  It doesn't look the same, because she cleaned it.

DCP00906.JPG (408332 bytes)Cute figurines atop the television.

DCP00907.JPG (397278 bytes)

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