Photos from Indianapolis with Susi  (May 7, 2000)

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My memory is a bit sketchy, but I'm pretty sure this was the weekend I helped Susi unpack her belongings in her new apartment.  The pictures below are an incomplete piece of furniture.

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The photos below are from walking around in downtown Indianapolis, near the zoo.

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This is the RCA dome (I think).

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The photos below are from a limestone wall near the zoo.  There was some impressive carving in the wall.

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These are from the walk back from the zoo (I think we took the long way).

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In downtown Indianapolis, there is an impressive monument.  I'm not sure what it is, but I sure took a lot of pictures of it!

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In a shop downtown, there were some impressive caricatures on display.

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This is Susi straightening stuff up.

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This is Susi's apartment complex viewed from the balcony.  The cat loves to watch the ducks and other birds.

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Susi on her balcony ...

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More pictures from the balcony ...

DCP00715.JPG (301933 bytes) DCP00716.JPG (310156 bytes)

Various shots of Susi's apartment being rearranged ...

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We had some difficulty finding the right hardware for Susi's futon.  Below are closeup pictures of one screw I was trying to match.  I don't know why I've kept these photos.  Perhaps in the future my website will be the only survivor of the big nuclear war, and a futon historian will find these photos useful ...

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The view out the balcony as it is getting darker ...

DCP00726.JPG (279498 bytes)

Susi and I and Nikki on the balcony.  It was one of these three photos that was made into a coffee cup.

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