Photos from Marion Walters' Birthday Party  (April 15, 2000)

(Click on any of the thumbnails below to view the full-sized photo.)

These are the pictures from Marion Walters' birthday party.

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The building itself (a church) was quite interesting.  The two photos below are from the interior.

DCP00620.JPG (222211 bytes) DCP00621.JPG (250983 bytes)

... and more pictures from the party, including a demolished cake.

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Some kids had released a balloon in the parking lot (a little speck in the pictures).  Since I was playing with my digital camera ...

DCP00625.JPG (189780 bytes) DCP00626.JPG (145059 bytes)

The church itself is in the shape of a dome, picture below.

DCP00627.JPG (208935 bytes)

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