Photos from All Over  (February 26, 2000)

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These are photos from all over.  I may have been playing somewhat with my digital camera.  This is Susi and I watching a television show.  Note Captain Picard and my infamous pile of boxes.

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Being a bachelor, I'm famous for soaking dishes for days at a time.  In my crock pot, some kind of bacterial culture began to grow.  It was quite fascinating, but also quite disgusting.

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We had a snow.  These are pictures of my alley.

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This is Andrea posing next to an abandoned sofa in my alley.  She was probably making fun of Detroit.  She lives in Ann Arbor now, which is relatively clean and crime-free.

DCP00421.JPG (167312 bytes) DCP00422.JPG (170143 bytes)

We visited a coffee show down on Willis.  This is Andrea eating her bread.

DCP00423.JPG (437249 bytes)

There was a pigeon begging for food.  I tried several times to get a good facial photo, but the pigeon's motion was erratic, and it was difficult to get such a picture.

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Got it!  Pigeon face!

DCP00429.JPG (387981 bytes) DCP00430.JPG (338518 bytes)

This is the coffee shop itself ...

DCP00431.JPG (336845 bytes)

... and a bookstore next door ...

DCP00432.JPG (357116 bytes) DCP00433.JPG (358357 bytes) DCP00434.JPG (384242 bytes) DCP00435.JPG (424549 bytes)

On the way back, I noticed a car loaded with interesting bumper stickers.  Naturally, I had to photograph them all.

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This is the street sign near the coffee shop.

DCP00444.JPG (189219 bytes) DCP00445.JPG (252539 bytes) DCP00446.JPG (257384 bytes)

Behind my building, I discovered another vehicle loaded with goodies.

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