Photos from Trip to Hell, Michigan  (June 19, 1999)

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On 6/19/99, I talked my mother into visiting Hell, Michigan; which is a little town near Dexter with a really cool name. Nobody believes me that there is a Hell, Michigan; the map below shows that hell is just a little NW of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The picture below is while mom and I were "On The Road Straight To Hell".  Note the "HELL" sign of less than impressive stature.

hell01.jpg (44387 bytes)

I had no idea what to expect, but I was hoping for a real tourist hole, with attractions like "Roller-Coaster To Hell" or "Elevator To Hell".   Much to my disappointment, the town turned out to be miniscule, sporting only two shops with hell-related themes.

Below is "The Devil's Den", which is a small restaurant and a party store.   They also had Hell souveniers, such as coffee cups and bumper stickers; as well as postcards and a little post office where you could be sure your postcard got the Hell, MI postmark.  Note the orange and yellow paint job with the flames.

hell02.jpg (34474 bytes)  pic02.jpg (185814 bytes)

Belw is the "Hell Creek Party Store".

hell03.jpg (36940 bytes) pic01.jpg (195258 bytes)

This is mom and I.  (We did not ride a motorcycle up--the bikes belong to one of the gentlemen who took the picture.)

hell11.jpg (24676 bytes) pic03.jpg (208624 bytes)

Naturally, I could't resist the bumper stickers, postcards, and coffee cups.  Note that Hell has a website,

hell04.jpg (10473 bytes) hell05.jpg (25965 bytes) hell06.jpg (22252 bytes) hell07.gif (48031 bytes) hell08.jpg (24058 bytes) hell09.gif (80676 bytes)  hell10.jpg (16872 bytes)       pic04.jpg (200538 bytes) 

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