Photos from Visit To Seija And Kalevi In Bowling Green, Ohio  (June 5, 1999)

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Kalevi and Sieja are friends from Finland whom Susi and I met at Wayne State several years ago.  Since we met them, they've had a son, Sami.  Right now Kalevi is finishing his Ph.D. in Philosophy and Seija is finishing her M.S. in Economics at BGSU in Bowling Green, Ohio.  On June 5, Susanne and I visited them in Ohio.

From left to right, Seija, Sami, Susanne (a.k.a. Susi), Kalevi, and Dave.

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Kalevi and Seija took us to a park called "Grand Rapids", where we had kind of a picnic lunch.

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Below is Seija and Sami.  The arm belongs to Susi, who is tickling Sami.

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Kalevi, Sami, and Susi.

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Sami and Dave playing with Lego.

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Sami and Susi playing with Lego.

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On the way back, there was an exit on the freeway called Luna Pier.  It was a strange name, so we got off to investigate.  Sure enough, it was a real pier.

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Here is a picture that I'm sure is from a different visit to Bowling Green.  This may have been before Sami was born.

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The shot below is kind of a trophy.  I'm famous for parking my truck in places where it will barely fit.  The truck is 3,600 lbs. of iron (and iron oxide), so it makes the owners of more expensive vehicles somewhat nervous.  The shot below came when I parked next to someone's new Porsche with just inches to spare, and they wrote on my truck.  The words are hard to see, they are "Not A Parking Spot, Ass*&^%".

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Below is a shot of the wall in my apartment.  I stayed up until about midnight working on a problem, and I didn't have time to enter all the material in my PC.  So, it stayed on my apartment wall for several days until I could put all stuff in my PC.

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Below is the miracle device of the century.  I got that for $49.95 at Sam's Club.   It is a portable rehargeable lead-acid battery designed to jump-start vehicles.   Instead, I use it to power my laptop computer.  I find I can get a full day of laptop computer usage on a single charge.  This means I can take my laptop to places without electrical power and work uninterrupted for a whole day.  One thing I have not investigated is the efficiency of the setup I have--I use an AC inverter connected to my normal laptop power supply.  I may be losing 50% power doing it that way.  DC to DC stepup conversion at high efficiency is not straightforward (there is no DC analogue of the iron core transformer), so I might have to build a switching power supply or some sort of charge pump to get two days of life out of the battery.

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Below is Andrea.  She took me rollerblading in the heat and wore me out like a tired old fat dog, but then she cooked me a recovery brunch.

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She is from Europe, and they eat funny stuff in funny ways over there.  She taught me how to eat an egg out of an egg-holder (strange to have an appliance just for holding eggs).

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