Photos of Dave and Mary  (1998)

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The precise date of these pictures is unknown.  I believe (but am not sure) that the pictures on this page are from 1998.

These are pictures I took of myself with a Burger King crown

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This is Dave and Mary Longcore horsing around on the wheel at Colasanti's in Canada.

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Mary nicknamed this cactus the "Clinton cactus", because of the scandal unfolding at that time.

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Pics in the petting zoo ...

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"Custom killing" ... hmm ... a euphemism for something else?

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Dave, Kirsten Schneider, and Carrie (a friend of Kirsten's) when Kirsten visited the U.S

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Below are a group of photos rediscovered in July of 2001.  This first photo is Dick McKamie--an ex-colleague--date unknown.

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These are pics of water damage to my apartment ceiling which occurred after an ice dam built up on the roof.

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This is a get-together at Andrea's old apartment in Ann Arbor.  I don't know who the gentlemen in the photo below are.  The gals are Mary and Pinar.

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This is me blowing an ordinary party toy after Andrea had made something obscene out of it.  I was innocent in this one.

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More pics from the get-together.

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