Photos of Dave and Diane at the Shrine Circus  (March, 1998)

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Not all of the pictures below are from the circus.  There are also photos of a party and a few singles of friends thrown in, too!

This is my friend of at least five years, Diane (also known as the snowboarder girl), trying to straighten out my collar after the circus so that I look less nerdy.

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This is Diane and me doing what we do best--acting a quarter of our age--and coming down the giant slide at the circus.  Woo-hoo!

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The petting farm at the circus was cool.  The giraffe was a real chowhound, look at the tongue!

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Any circus MUST include dancing elephants ...

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.... and women with great butts ....

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.... oops, the giraffe is hungry again ....

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The most publicized act was the "Flying Wallendas".  They were quite impressive, forming a human pyramid and walking it across a tightrope.  I hope they are earning the big bucks!

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The most artistic act and in some sense the best act was the "Living Statues".  It was too impressive, too artistic, too emotional to describe.  Hey, look at the crotch on that one guy--he has a cellular phone or something stuffed in there .... I bet he got a lot of phone numbers after the show ...

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Here is the pyramid from a different angle ... quite impressive.

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Now we're done with the circus and on to other shots .... here is Susanne.

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And Andrea.  To demonstrate my strength, I always pick girls up, like in the picture below.  We're at a typical student party.

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This is Andrea again, apparently schmoozing with the good-looking well-dressed tall banker whose back is to us in the picture.  The kid in the center is either a)about to puke, b)singing an opera, or c)touching his own breast.  Looks like (c) to me.

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The is Shogie (don't know the correct spelling), with a female friend.

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This is Pinar  She's charming, but she talks on the phone too much!

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Here is a gem that I found in 2001--me with Diane's dog, Millie.  Don't know the date of this picture.

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Here is another picture, from Diane and I going to Chicago.  Not sure of the year.

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And here is another picture of Sophie (I hope I have her name right).

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