Photos from Los Angeles Visiting Sandrine, and a Side Trip to Las Vegas  (1996)

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This is Sandrine's neighborhood along Venice Beach ...

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For some reason I thought the name Killer Shrimp was pretty cool.  I think I had lunch with Sandrine there one day.

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Because Sandrine worked marketing The Power Rangers (a children's TV cartoon), she had a large collection of Power Rangers collectibles in her apartment.  It was an impressive array ...

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I believe it was also in this year that I also decided to drive to Las Vegas.  Here are pictures from Las Vegas ... I believe these pictures are from on the way to Las Vegas from Los Angeles ...

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... and these are from Las Vegas ...

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One of the things I wanted to see, for notoriety only, was The Chicken Ranch and other brothels near Las Vegas.  These are pictures from the drive through the desert to get to the brothels. 

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At last ...

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I didn't patronize the "services" there, but I did get a good souvenir coffee cup, which regrettably got broken in the trunk of the rental car.

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