Photos from Uncertain Date Near 1993  (1993)

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This is me clowning around picking up Todd Henderson behind the Hancock House.  We both worked out quite a lot, sometimes together at the Highland Park Powerhouse Gym, in those days.  Nobody has heard from Todd and have been unable to locate him since.

todd_h.jpg (258879 bytes)

This is my cousin Ann's daughter, Margaret, horsing around behind the house on Hancock.  I think she is playing with the hose or helping to wash a car.  George is behind her.

margaret01.jpg (267356 bytes)

This is a picture from around that time of me on a pistol range.  I'm not sure how or why.

pistol_range_01.jpg (271563 bytes)

Around this year, Andrea (Blome) and I went for a kayak trip.  (My estimate of the year is based on the fact that my truck, a 1992 F-150, looks very new.)  These are photos from the trip.  I have no idea why I took a picture of the schedule on her wall or the condom machine.  I believe we encountered some interesting restored older cars on the way back.

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