How to Convert All Files in a Windows Directory to Lower-Case Filenames (01/2009)

I frequently upload files from my digital camera to my Windows PC, then to a Linux server.  It is helpful to change the casing of all filenames on the Windows PC to lower-case.  This tends to prevent casing confusion when making thumbnails and editing HTML that links to the photos using Microsoft FrontPage.  (The confusion comes about because Windows is case-insensitive but Linux is case-sensitive.)

The best solution I've found is a batch file by Frank-Peter Schultze, reproduced below.  It works very well.

:: __________________________________________________________________
::  Batch File:      Lowname.bat
::  Author:          Frank-Peter Schultze
::  Updates:
::  Enhancement Req.
::  And Bug Reports:
::  Built/Tested On: Windows 98 SE, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000
::  Requirements:    OS: Windows 95+, Windows NT4+
::  Purpose:         Rename all file names in current directory to
::                   lower case file names.
::  Syntax:          No arguments required.
::  Assumptions And
::  Limitations:     Lowname.bat could rename itself
::  Last Update:     2001-10-04
:: __________________________________________________________________
   @Echo Off
    If :'==%1' If Not %2'==' Goto %2
    Set | Find "winbootdir=" > NUL
    If ErrorLevel 1 If Not %OS%'==Windows_NT' For %%C In (Echo Goto:End) Do %%C Windows 9x/NT/2K Batch File.
    If Not %1'==/?' Goto Begin
    Echo Renames all file names in current dir to lower case file names.
    Echo Lowname
    Goto End
    Echo Rename all file names in current dir to lower case file names?
    Echo Press [Ctrl-C] to cancel or:
    If Not %OS%'==Windows_NT' Goto Win9x
    For /F "tokens=*" %%F In ('Dir /B /L') Do Move "%%F" "%%F"
    Goto End
    LfnFor On
    For %%F In (*.*) Do Call %0 : Mc2lc "%%F"
    LfnFor Off
    If Exist %TEMP%.\Tmp.bat Del %TEMP%.\Tmp.bat
    For %%V In (Mix Low) Do Set %%Vcase=
    Goto End
   :Mc2lc (Mixcase-to-Lowcase)
    For %%F In (%3) Do Set Mixcase=%%F
    Ren "%Mixcase%" "Set Lowcase=%Mixcase%"
    Dir /B /L "Set Lowcase=%Mixcase%" > %TEMP%.\Tmp.bat
    Call %TEMP%.\Tmp.bat
    Ren "Set Lowcase=%Mixcase%" "%Lowcase%"

To use the text above as a batch file, just copy and paste it into a batch file with a name of your choosing on your Windows system, then run it.  If copying and pasting the above text doesn't work well, you may have more luck opening this link in your browser and copying and pasting the contents.

I encourage all visitors here to visit Frank-Peter Schultze's website.  Mr. Schultze's material is reproduced here only because websites come and go, and his website may disappear at some point in the future.

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